Book Review: YES PLEASE by Amy Poehler

yes please

     “Writing is hard.” We know this is true because Amy Poehler says so. In fact, those three words are the title of the preface in her comical memoir, Yes Please. She says more than once that writing a book is no easy feat, but that doesn’t stop her from completing one that is funny, honest, and chock-full of personality.

In her stories, she discusses life, love, divorce, motherhood, body image, show biz, and one of her greatest loves in life: improv. Improvisation is the foundation of Poehler’s career. Her book is divided into three sections, and in each section she starts off by saying “How I Fell in Love with Improv.” From growing up in Boston, to moving to Chicago, to watching her career blossom in New York City, improv teaches her to “Say whatever you want, Do whatever you like, and Be whoever you are.”

Poehler talks about how women apologize too much, even when they aren’t at fault. She opens up about making mistakes, having regrets, and how it can take courage to face problems head on and to make things right. There are sections about her work on SNL, her experimentation with minor drugs, her friendship with Tina Fey, and her tendency of being a “bad sleeper.” The book includes stories about Parks and Recreation, her two wonderful boys, and she asserts the fact that “Every mother needs a wife.” She talks about sex and time travel. She discusses technology in a conclusion titled, “The Robots Will Kill Us All.”

One thing I enjoyed about this book is that Amy’s personality really comes across through her writing. At times it feels a bit like it is jumping around from one idea to the next, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think it serves to reflect her personality even more. I liked that a section or two of the book wasn’t written by Poehler, but was instead written by someone close to her. It made me feel, as a reader, like I was having a conversation with Amy and her friends.

This book is relatable to anyone who enjoys comedy, has big dreams, has gone through a divorce, has had to balance work and parenthood, has had off days, or to anyone who is simply a fan of Amy Poehler. We may not all be able to hang out and be friends with her in real life, but reading her book is the next best thing.



Bibliographic Information:

Title: Yes Please. Author: Amy Poehler. Publisher: HarperCollins, 2014. Length: 352 pages. ISBN-13: 9780062268341




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