Book Review: Fairest by Marissa Meyer


Princess Levana is royality on the planet of Luna, but she is not the fairest of them all. Disfigured as a child by her malicious sister, Channary, Levana uses a glamour that allows her to look as beautiful as she wants. She hides her true face, not wanting others to be disgusted by her appearance. She wants respect. She wants admiration. But most of all, Levana wants love. She falls head over heals for Evret, one of the palace guards whose job it is to protect the royal family.

She considers Evret to be her only friend, and knows deep down that the two of them are destined to fall in love. Evret’s heart belong’s to another woman, but Levana does not let that crush her dreams of a fairy tale ending. When an opportunity presents itself to her, she uses manipulation to have Evret for herself, trusting that, in time, he’ll realize that he is in love with her, too.

Levana is not only concerned with love. She is also concerned with politics. In order to be sustained, Luna needs land and resources, and there is only one other planet that can provide these things: Earth. As she manipulates others to bring herself to power, Levana desires Earth more than anything. A plan is put into place and Levana is eager to oversee it. She knows she will get what she wants.

Although she still desires Earth, Levana does get most of the things she always dreamed of. Through manipulation, she gains Evret, a family, power, respect, and beauty. She gets almost everything she has ever wanted. It seems that Levana is blind to something that many others know– her reign cannot last forever.

I really enjoyed this book. Marissa Meyer’s use of language appeals to the senses in a beautiful way. Reading a story from the perspective of a villain is an interesting experience. I sympathized with Levana, but I also thought she was a terrible person. There are three other books in The Lunar Chronicles series that came before this one: Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress. I have not read those other books (trust me, I plan to!), so I probably don’t have as deep an appreciation for the characters as someone more familiar with the series.

Still, I loved reading Levana’s story. She is similar to many other young women in the sense that she cares about finding love, feeling beautiful and achieving success. However, her methods of obtaining these things are so malicious and horrible that I would never want to be in the same room as her. Still, I sympathized with her, and I felt bad when she was hurt or tricked by someone else. Fairest is a book worth reading, and I look forward to reading the other books in the series (Including the upcoming book, Winter!).



fairest 2 fairest 3

Title: Fairest Author: Marissa Meyer Publisher: Feiwel & Friends  Length: 222 pages. ISBN– 1250060559




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