Hogwarts Course Catalog: A Guide to Classes Offered at Wizarding School

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Congratulations on receiving your acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! I knew you were magical, you wonderful thing you! Since this is likely the first time you will be studying magic in a structured environment, I’m sure you are curious to know what your classes will be like. Here is an introductory guide to the kinds of classes you will be taking at Hogwarts.


Charms– (Core Class) This course is taught Professor Filius Flitwick. As its name suggests, in this class, you will learn about charms. Charms are spells that add certain properties to objects or creatures. For example, one of these spells might change an object’s color, while another might allow the object to float into the air. Studying this subject will prepare students to take their O.W.L exam in their fifth year.


Potions– (Core Class) This course is taught by professor Severus Snape. In this class, you will learn the proper way to brew potions. You will learn specific recipes and become familiar with ingredients and supplies. Potions can be used for medicine, but they have many other uses as well. Some potions are simple to make, and others are quite difficult.


Transfiguration– (Core Class) Professor Minerva McGonagall teaches this course. Unlike charms which adds properties to an object or creature, transfiguration spells change or alter an object/creature all together. For example, you will learn how to turn a small animal into a water goblet. Spells are only one way of practicing transfiguration, but it is the primary form taught to first year students. It is one of the more difficult courses at Hogwarts because is it very precise. The spells must be done exactly right. There are more limits placed on this kind of magic than most other kinds. Though it is a difficult form of magic, it is also quite elegant.


Defense Against the Dark Arts– (Core Class) The professor for this class, as of now, is undecided. But rest assured, someone will be there to teach it to you! As you know, not all wizards use their powers for good. Because of this, Howarts wants its students to be able to defend themselves if a conflict should ever arise. In this class, students will learn basic defensive spells, counter-jinxes, and other forms of magic that will help them to stay protected. Defensive spells can also be practiced during duels.


History of Magic– (Core Class) This course is taught by Professor Cuthbert Binns. Although magic is not typically used in this class, we believe that it is important for young wizards and witches to understand their history. Students will learn the dates of important events, and they will also learn the significance of the goblin rebellions.


Herbology– (Core Class) Professor Pomona Sprout teaches this course. Here you will learn about both magical and mundane plants. You will learn how to care for plants and about their many uses. Many plants will be used for ingredients in potion making. As students move to more advanced Herbology classes, they must be extra careful to follow their professor’s instructions because some plants can be quite dangerous.


Astronomy– (Core Class) This class is taught by Professor Aurora Sinistra. Here, you will learn about the branch of magic that studies stars and the movements of planets. Each week, you will view the stars at night and learn to identify them by name.


Flying– This course is taught by Professor Rolanda Hooch. In this class, many of you will receive your very first flying lesson. You will learn how to fly on a broom. This class is typically only taught to first year students. Those who excel at flying may wish to try out for the Quidditch team.


Care of Magical Creatures– This course is taught by Professor Rubeus Hagrid. It is an elective class at Hogwarts and is offered to third year students. You will learn about the feeding, breeding, and proper care of a wide range of magical creatures. Creatures included in the lessons are fire crabs, unicorns, thestrals, and hippogriffs.


Apparition– This course is taught by Professor Wilkie Twycross. The class is only offered to students who are seventeen years of age, or who will turn seventeen during the selected school year. Here, you will spend twelve weeks learning the magical method of transportation. Students who learn apparition will need a licence to practice it in the real world. Students who complete the course must then take the test. If the student is splinched during the test, even a little, the test must be retaken. This course is optional.


Divination– Professor Sybill Trelawney teaches this course. This is an elective course that teaches students to gather insights into future events. One way of doing this is by reading tea leaves. Some students are more likely to have a natural aptitude in the subject, while others may not. This course is optional.


Alchemy– This course teaches students about the four elements, as well as about the transmutation of substances. This course is available to sixth and seventh year students when there is a high enough demand.


Ancient Runes– This course is taught by professor Bathsheda Babbling. This class teaches students about the ancient runic scripts of magic. This is an elective course.


Arithmancy– This course is taught by Professor Septima Vector. This class involves numerology, as well as learning how to predict the future using numbers. This is an elective course.


Muggle Studdies– This course is taught by Professor Alecto Carrow. This course is the study of Muggles. We believe that by teaching students about non-magical people, they will come to see that Muggles and witches/wizards are not so different. This is an elective course.


Ghoul Studies– This course teaches students about ghouls, ghosts, and poltergeists. Taking this class allows students to learn more about the many ghosts who are our friends here at Hogwarts. This course is optional.


Frog Choir– The leader of this choir is your charms teacher, Professor Flitwick. This singing group usually practices in the Great Hall. Members of the choir learn to sing fluently in Latin as well as polyphonically. This is one of several activities or courses at Hogwarts that allow students to express themselves creatively. Participation in the choir is optional.


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