She Looked Like Art By: Ashley Tiara Lilly

A short story I wrote was published on a fellow writer’s blog. Jayme is a lovely writer, so be sure to check out her work:)


Joey stood in the doorway of Anna’s art studio. This room always smelled like paint and looked like chaos. Colors had been splashed all over the white walls and tile floor. A long, wooden table rested in the center of the room, holding bottles of acrylic paint, large mounds of clay, and tin cans overstuffed with worn out paint brushes. Large pieces of canvas leaned against the walls all around the room. Some of them were blank, and others had been filled in with images of sunsets, women, landscapes, and concepts that were too abstract to identify.

A desk on the far end of the room was stacked with papers, manila folders, and magazines. The front of the desk was decorated with a rainbow of used sticky notes. Large paint brushes were hung from the wall behind it the way one might hang tools in a garage. In one corner of the room, there was a large, metal sink. On the floor next to that, there was a mini fridge.
            Anna knelt on the floor in front of the long table. She held a pallet that was covered in so much paint that it was practically a work of art all on its own. A blank canvas was propped up on a small easel in front of her. She stared at it, paintbrush in hand, but did not move. A gentle breeze blew in from an open window. The only sound in the room was the beat that could be heard playing though Anna’s earbuds. The wire from the earbuds snaked down into the jeans pocket that hid her silver iPod.
            Joey took slow, soft steps over to her. He knelt down and gave her shoulder a gentle tap. He worried he might startle her, but she didn’t even turn her head. She took her earbuds out of her ears and jammed them into her pocket, the wire touching the paint-splattered floor near her bare feet. She turned her iPod off.
            “It’s good to see you, Joe. I wasn’t expecting visitors.” She said. She turned to face him with her big, brown eyes and gave him a whimsical smile that made his heart skip. He took a breath and wiped his sweaty palms onto his jeans.

 “What’s that you’re working on?” He asked, gesturing to the blank canvas. Anna sighed.

            “Something abstract, I think. Or maybe something more realistic. I’m not sure.”
            “Well, it looks good so far,” Joey said, his tone sarcastic. She looked at him, her eyes bright.
“You really think so?” She asked. He ran his hand through his blonde hair.
            “I mean, I was joking of course. But, um, I’m sure it will look great once you start paint—“
            “Shh!” She dropped her paintbrush and placed a finger on his lips. She grabbed his arm and pulled him closer, nodding toward the canvas. “Tell me what you see.”
            “Um, a blank canvas?” He asked. His thigh was touching her thigh, and his shoulder was touching her shoulder. He looked at her and then back at the canvas, reminding himself to breathe.
            She leaned closer to him so she could whisper. “Look again. What do you really see?” She asked. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to see in a blank canvas. With her being this close in proximity, all he could think about was holding her free hand in his.
Read the full story here:

Source: She Looked Like Art By: Ashley Tiara Lilly




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