Pretty Dresses

“Pretty dresses are displayed in the window of a little shop

I admire them as I walk past

Sipping hot coffee, sweet like caramel

And nibbling on a pastry that makes flaky crumbs with every bite

The day is calm and just cool enough to not be cold

I wear a light jacket

There are few enough people around for it to not feel crowded

But also for it to not feel empty

I stop to look at the dresses

My eyes are enchanted by red glitter and rhinestone studs

There is a silvery gown so lovely that I imagine myself wearing it

With the small black bag slung over the incomplete shoulder of the manikin

I am then drawn to a lovely floral skirt

Paired with a short-sleeved, blue top

And I imagine wearing it and dancing in a place I’ve never been

Surely, the right outfit can help me travel the world

If I look the part, then I can play it

I play dress up in my mind for a moment at most

And continue my walk on this gentle day

I did not try a single thing on

And yet somehow, I walk away feeling more beautiful.”


-Ashley Tiara Lilly, Candy-Coated Dreams, A Beautiful Journey: Book 3


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