(From my new book, Young Heart.)


Eyes are for seeing you

For memorizing the way

Your eyes are a lighter

Shade of blue in the sunlight

And the way your forehead

Creases when you wrinkle

Your brows

I have eyes so that I can picture

You every time I want to smile

I see in color so that I can take

You in as fully as human vision

Will allow. So that even at a glance

I can admire your complexities

Your shades of silk, honey,

Sand, and starlight. If a sight

Could ever fill my heart, then it

Would be the sight of you

Eyes are for saying all of the things

That nestle into the silence

With a glance, I can tell you I

Love you. With a glance, I can

Tell you I want you. For a million

Years I could search your eyes

Longing to hear all of the things

They have to say

Eyes are for love

With one look, you and I

Could fall into it.







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