The Red-Haired Girl

The red-haired girl

Took her girlfriend’s hand

In hers. She wanted to surprise

Her, and placed a blindfold over

Her eyes. The blindfold was

Removed to reveal a round table

With a white table cloth, plates

Of spaghetti, candles and wine

Glasses beneath a starry sky


There was soft violin music

Playing over the radio

Chocolates wrapped in gold

Paper rested on top of rose

Petals. The red-haired

Girl reached into her pocket

And pulled out a necklace

With a golden heart that

Glistened in the candlelight


She placed it around her

Girlfriend’s neck and

Watched her blue eyes

Light up. She watched her

Smile and blush and giggle

And she was happy that

Her Love was happy


They ate dinner by the

Candlelight and made

Wishes on the stars

But they had everything

They could ever wish for

Because they had each other

It was a lovely Valentine’s

Day that led to a beautiful,

Wonderful night.







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