Young Heart

I had a young heart that

Fell in love before my

Mind was ready to. I

Sank into the depths of


Your eyes and felt it in

My blood that you and I

Were soul mates. I dove

Right into the waters of


Your delectable embrace

Only to realize that I had

Already drowned. And

Even as I traced your name


Into my palms at night I

Knew that I had lit a flame

That I wasn’t ready to sustain

Because Darling you have to


Learn to walk before you can

Run, and in your arms my

Heart ached to fly. And I was

Swallowed by a beautiful


Fear at night. And it led me to

A voice that let me know I

Wasn’t doing you any favors

By staying. My sense of reason


Refused to stay buried any longer

My heart exploded for you like

Fireworks, only our sky wasn’t

Big enough. I loved you but my


Love affair with freedom hadn’t

Ended yet. But I’ll never really

Be free. A part of you will always

Be a part of me. Your ink has


Stained my story. But don’t worry,

I mean it in a beautiful way. And

All the beautiful scars that remain

Will never run out of things to say.









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