The Lonely keeps you company

Sleeping beside you like a sloth

Unmoving, shielding its eyes

From the sun with its paws


It comes to fill the gap when

The world is just too big, but

All you feel is the emptiness it

Wants to coax you from.




I feel stuck where I am

Like I’ll never get where

I want to be. I’m in a

Constant state of wanting


To be someplace I’m not

But no one understands this

Sadness, they think I have

Enough. I don’t want to be


Where I am, there’s nothing

Here for me anymore. I long

To wonder in a place I’ve never

Been. To get lost and drift away


Into a world where there are

Possibilities. Where dreamers

Have written on sidewalks with

Chalk. Where the horizon is endless.



The sands of time slip

Through my fingers and

Yet the rain soaks my hair,

Feeling cool on my skin. It


Reminds me that I can

Build sand castles. That I

Am a craftsperson and can

Shape my own destiny


My tools are simple, but the

Result can be extraordinary

Waves may rise and fall, and I

Must learn to let go. Knowing


That I can start fresh, and

Build a little castle, small,

But so beautiful. And big enough

For my dreams to fit inside.



Ten Tips For Celebrity Meet and Greets



It’s exciting and fun to meet a celebrity you look up to, but it’s also hard to know what to expect. Here’s a few tips based on my experience doing a Meet and Greet with the lovely Demi Lovato!

1.Make friends with other fans. One of the best parts of the meet and greet was waiting on line with other fans and having conversations with random strangers. Everyone is excited and you already have one thing in common– you love the artist. Exchange contact info and who knows, you might gain a new long-term friendship.

2.Pay attention to who is in line with you. If you need to leave the line for any reason, familiarize yourself with the faces of those in line near you. Ask people to save your spot. Because you won’t want to lose it.

3.Arrive early. The earlier you are, the closer you’ll be to the front of the line (and the sooner you’ll meet your fabulous idol).

4.You probably can’t bring gifts. Sometimes the security guards will make an exception and agree to pass your gift along to the artist, but there’s no guarantees and it depends on how nice the guard is. Just remember, these people are only strict because they’re doing their jobs. If you are close enough to the stage, wait until the concert to hand the artist your gift in person.

5.Take a pause. You won’t be allowed much time in the area where the artist is, and you may feel rushed by the security guards to take your picture and get out. Take a few seconds to pause, tell your fave you love them, and then take the photo (sometimes you can ask for a hugging pose. It depends on the person).

6.Make eye contact. It’s easy to be nervous and the moment goes by fast.

7.Smile. And don’t worry. The picture will come out great (: ❤️

8. Live and learn. I’m an introvert, and so it’s hard to connect with someone in just a few seconds. I would much rather be in an intimate setting and hear someone I admire talk to a group of us, than a few seconds one on one. If I do another meet and greet, I’ll definitely pause and live in the moment longer.

9.Enjoy it. It doesn’t happen every day. Also, write a journal entry about it when you get home from the concert. It’ll be a nice memory to look back on.

10.Bring a friend. It’s more fun to share the experience with someone else (or a few others).

Those are my tips. Hope you find them helpful if you get the chance to meet a celebrity you admire.




Today is my birthday. I am now 23 years old. As I look back on the past year, I think of all the milestones I’ve reached. Graduating college, self-publishing my first books. I felt a lot of pressure at 22 to get my career on track right away and to do all the things I thought you were supposed to achieve by that age. When I graduated, I was in a perpetual state of feeling like I was behind everyone else.

I realize now that the little things have made my journey what it is. Having time to write, spending time with my family, finding inner peace, and taking things one day at a time. My journey doesn’t look like anyone else’s and all our paths are unique.

I’ve felt happy, sad, lonely, excited, scared, hopeless, lost, and hopeful. I’ve had good days and really bad days.

22 was a year of trying new things. I learned basic coding, taught myself a bit of sign language, learned to play chords and write songs on my keyboard, made art, danced and did yoga, did some baking, took driving lessons.

I’ve learned that I value simplicity. And that small goals really do add up to amazing things. I don’t know what to expect from this new year in my life. All I know is that I’ll take things one day at a time, do things that matter to me, and hope that it leads me somewhere good.



I find myself going back
In time, replaying moments
In my mind, wishing I could
Go back and make things


Different. All the doors I didn’t
Open, all the windows I didn’t
Think to let the light shine through
I let the sunlight in, but now it’s

Too late because you’re already
Gone with the wind. I still hold
Onto the flowers I had reserved for
You. They smell so sweet, and sad


Like a somber lullaby. But even when
I sleep I want to dream of you because
I’m not ready to let go. There wasn’t
Much to it, but it was so real to me.