Her Greatest Weapon

She was drowning in the darkness

Before she knew it wasn’t normal

Everyone around her was fine

And they thought that she was, too


She painted over the cracks

With lipstick and nail polish

The chaos around her

Made her swallow her fear


She wasn’t able to heal

Until she was good and broken

She had to face her own demons

Before she could find her light


Now she keeps her head high

And pays the darkness little mind

She chases the light every day

And every day it teaches her to fly


Every day is a battle

And an escape from her past

With focus and work

She knows it will last


And others who find themselves

Lost in the dark

Look to her for guidance

So they can regain their spark


She is still afraid

The darkness finds her all the time

Only now, she can face it

Her greatest weapon is her mind.







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