Don’t Give Your Girls Baby Dolls

Don’t give your girls baby dolls

Give them chemistry sets and

Story books. Give them history

Books about successful people who

Looked like them. Tell them that they

Can solve equations, that they can

See a problem in front of them and they

Can solve it with grace and tenacity

Teach them that they are beautiful on

The inside and that they don’t have to

Hide or be ashamed of the messy parts

Of themselves. Teach them that those

Are beautiful, too. Before you give your

Girls mirrors and toy vacuums and easy

Bake ovens, teach them that they can

Leave the world more beautiful than

They found it. Teach them that they

Can invent recipes and fix skateboards

And create stories. Teach them that they

Can venture into the world and blaze

A trail. Then, if she asks for a baby doll,

Make sure she knows that being a

Mother is a beautiful thing, and that

Family is the most wonderful thing in

The world. And tell her that she can be

A mother, but she can also be a chemist

Or an inventor or a historian. She can

Be a mathematician or a banker or

A designer. But more than that, teach

Her that she can be herself, beautiful

And messy, smart and silly, scared and

Confident, unsure and strong-minded.

Don’t give your girls baby dolls

Without making sure they know that

They are capable of so much. That they

Are problem solvers, they are kind, and

Their paths are theirs to create.



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