Let me tell you my story

I am more than meets the eye

The feelings in me swirl deep

Inside, they come out in the form

Of ink on paper, in gasps of air

Between bouts of laughter. I am infinite


Too often life seems like a

Tangled mess made up of my own

Problems. I want the world to feel big,

Huge even. I want to breathe in the depths

Of the milky way and know that if I could

Go far enough into space, so far into the

Endless mass of night and stardust, I would

No longer be able to see the Earth.


And my problems would fade away like melting snow,

Soft like feathers. They’d float in zero gravity

And become weightless, just more space junk

Floating along while I, a daughter of elements

Colliding, am carried away by the stars. I drift

Along in this place that is empty, yet full of

Wonder, peaceful the way it is when you lay

Beside a dreaming lover. It is bliss


But a sinking feeling in my gut tells me, “In this

Place with no rivers, no opposites, no chaos,

There is no room to create.” So I return to the

World where there are mountains and valleys

Oceans that I wish would swallow me whole,

Introduce me to the coral reefs and allow

Me to swim amongst the angel fish and the

Squids and the beluga whales. Singing songs

That only the stars could transpose


Pure magic radiating light that gives birth to

Living, breathing harmonies. I break through

The water’s surface, gasping for air, feeling

The salt water cool my skin as the sun shines

And I am cleansed. I walk along the sand and

Am made new by the wind. I say yes,

I can climb mountains. And can take challenges

And treat each day like an adventure. One does

Not live by thinking and planning but by doing,

By taking risks, by taking courage. It is already

Inside of me in an infinite supply


I can slip into a raft and let the river take me on a

Journey, unveiling her secrets and showing

Me her ever-changing world. And if I ever

Get stuck, if I am ever stuck in a rut and

Feel as though my tangled mess of problems

Is the whole world, I can spread my wings.

I can take flight and remember what it’s like

To be so far away from the Earth that it is

Not only untouchable but unseeable


To be weightless, peaceful, and free. To let go,

To trust, and to be carried away by the stars


Let me tell you my story. I am more than meets

The eye. I am the river and the ocean and the

Squid. I am the distant stars and the erupting

Volcanos. The fresh snow and the gentle tulips

I am an explorer, an adventurer. And I will look to

The sky for freedom as I climb, as I wander, and

As I let the river show me her ever-changing world.










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