Sun-Kissed Dreams

Feel the warm sun
And the breeze through your hair
The dewy grass beneath your feet
Be in the world without a care


Let go of fears and take courage
Be the person you want to be
Pursue your dreams, live in the moment
Spread your wings, for you are free.





[Society tends to glamourize the overnight success. Here’s a friendly reminder that it’s okay to go at your own pace.]

Running, sprinting toward a destiny

That slips through your fingers like sand

So you run faster, chase harder, your prayers

Become desperate whimpers. Everything feels


Out of reach, as though the steps you take

Are leading you nowhere fast. There is so

Much desire to speed and keep up with the life

That everyone else is displaying on social media


Every time you bump into someone you haven’t

Seen in a while, they ask the same questions. Have

You climbed this particular mountain yet? Have you

Checked these tasks off of your to-do list, all the things


That will make you socially acceptable? You respond

With few words and give even fewer fucks. You want to

Hold up a sign that has its middle finger up. But instead

Of being angry you go to your own space. And you breathe


You give yourself a quiet moment with tea and a good book

Or maybe you listen to your favorite singer while you gaze

At the dim stars and setting sun. You remind yourself that

Your duty is not to fulfill society’s expectations. No, your


Duty lies in relentless self-love. You love yourself enough

To go at your own pace, to pursue the things that make you

Feel enthusiastic about life. You know what matters to you

Each small step is progress. Each small step is enough, just like you.



Moonlight and Thorns

Maybe sometimes healing hurts

Maybe the thorny vines of the past

Intertwine with your arms and legs

To draw warm, red blood from your scars


Maybe memories do not just leave marks

But create fresh wounds. There to say you

Can’t get better. And maybe when memories

Meet moonlight a chemical, no– physical,


No– spiritual reaction takes place and what

Was energy crumbles to dust. The light soaks

Into your fingerprints and helps you to forget.

You touch your own heart and the scars don’t


Fade but are painted with moments of peace

Until you remember the vines, and the thorns,

The very thought makes them snake up from the

Ground, latching onto your skin, they wound,


You cry. The universe plays a tug of war and

You are caught between past hurt and new light

Wounds can be addictive. Scars are proof that

The memories are real. The past is relentless


It corners you with familiar scents and Instagram

Photos. While the moonlight slips in in silence

It tiptoes between cracks in your curtains and rests

Beside your pillow, healing you in dreams–in moments of peace.




The Comfort Of The Night

I don’t always love the sunshine

It’s bright and cheery and reminds

Me of everything I am not. I am sad,

Lost, and closed off. Doors keep closing


In my face and I’d just as well exist

Nowhere. The night wraps me up like

A blanket. It soothes me with starlight

Lullabies. The sun rises and my comfort fades.