Wrote an article about winter sports; check it out on Global Glam!!

16 Extraordinary Winter Sports To Try With Your Squad, Because YOLO

Is your New Year’s resolution to work hard and play harder? These winter sports may be just the thing to add a dash of fun during the snowy months.

By: Ashley Tiara Lilly

When that first snow falls, magic is in the air. Some days, it makes you want to stay indoors, curled up with a blanket, hot cocoa, and your favorite book. Other days, it sparks your love of adventure, making you want to embrace the outdoors and explore that winter wonderland. This is where winter sports come in. If you want to try something a little different from the usual ski trip, here are fifteen winter sports your squad is sure to love:

Ice Climbing

If you’re a climber at heart and love a good challenge, ice climbing may be just the sport for you. Using a harness, crampons, ice axes, and other forms of equipment, ice climbers tackle anything from cliffs to frozen waterfalls. Be aware though, it’s more dangerous than it looks.

See the full article here.



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