Crescent Moon

The crescent moon shines in the night sky. Its light pools in through my window, spilling onto my pillows and lulling me into peaceful dreams. When I wake again, my hands that held the light are empty, and there’s nothing but darkness. While I traveled through my dreams of childhood rooms and present day faces, the moon traveled across the sky. Now its light spills in through a different window, shining on my feet. And I don’t have to be more than half-awake to know that the moon will change. Its position, its shape, its luster will move from one stage to the next. And I might have a favorite phase, but all of them are good. Life can be that way, too. Things change, but that’s not always a bad thing. I follow the light wherever it goes, and I keep dreaming. And each time I find it, I savor the crescent moon.




We laugh together

On warm summer nights

That are lit up

By fireflies


We capture their gentle glow

In mason jars

Only to let them go a moment later

As their light ebbs and flows


Like winking stars

The air smells like flowers and grass

And a handful of stars can be seen

Beyond the yellow light of the streetlamps


We can be gentle with gentle creatures

We can be gentle with ourselves

We can let go of worries on a summer night

As we watch the fireflies take flight.


Palm Trees in Barcelona

There’s palm trees in Barcelona

Swaying in the breeze

As people ride bicycles

And push strollers in the sunshine


Tourists eat churros

And take pictures with human statues

The ocean is blue; it’s calling everyone’s name

The sand is warm and soft


And orange fishes

Swim in little groups

Alongside sailboats

That are resting by the dock


Beneath the sun

With the salty air

As palm trees sway in the breeze

There are many little reasons to smile.