Blue Sky

blue sky 2


I taste freedom in the blue, blue sky

Do you want to fly with me?

Together we can see the world from new heights

Together, we can be free


Have you ever wondered what it’s like

To soar above the clouds?

I bet there’s a hidden kingdom up there

That’s as amazing as it sounds


Tell me, have you kept your mind

And your sense of imagination?

Or have you lost those things to the world

A most draining and sad sensation


Come with me, let’s get it back

Let’s do impossible things

Keep your heart and your hope alive

Because that is what gives you wings.


-Ashley Lilly




Hello world!

Hey, there. This is my first blog post. Here’s some random nature photos. Thanks for stopping by!!  😘 😋 ❤️

20140806_105643             20140806_104337