The Unbelievable Circus Show: a free PDF ebook

Circus dog

I recently wrote a chapbook called The Unbelievable Circus Show. It’s a chapbook of poems that tell stories of magical, mysterious characters. It’s written for young adults and it’s mostly intended to put a smile on your face 🙂

You can find the book on my Free Ebooks page.

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In the meantime, here’s a sample poem from the book:


Circus Peanuts

Get your world famous circus peanuts!

Two bags for a dollar and fifty cents

Come get our world famous circus peanuts!

You’ll love munching on them beneath our tent


Hey you, yes you!

We have other snacks as well

We’ve got buttery, hot pretzels

And ice-cold soda pop we sell


We’ve got gold-wrapped chocolate candy

And bags of caramels and gummy bears

Salty, popped pop corn

So let go of all your cares


Enjoy some fresh potato chips

And cotton candy is a must

Our pumpkin seeds are the very best

From the Peanut Man you trust


There’s water, wine, and beer

And for the kids, there’s juice in boxes

Get your crackers, soup, and hotdogs

And your cookies shaped like foxes


Get your world famous circus peanuts

Two bags for a dollar and fifty cents

Come get our world famous circus peanuts

No one can resist the tasty scents!


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Your Gender Won’t Stop Me From Loving You

If you’re a woman

Then I stand with you in solidarity

You’re free to embrace your feminine

And masculine energy

You can express yourself how you choose

Only you own your body

No one else can tell you

The kind of woman you should be.


If you’re a man

You can be strong and together

Or you can fall apart in a puddle of tears

There’s feelings that flow through us

For all these years

So of course let them go

Without holding onto social fears.


If you’re nonbinary

I respect you

And I want you to always live your truth

And if you think the world sees you

As a little too much “he”

Or a little too much “she”

Give it time, I know you’ll make them see

Who it is you really want to be.


If you don’t know what your gender is

Or if you’re confused or lost

Or afraid to find the truth

Because you’re worried about the cost

Don’t worry, I’m here

And many others are, too

You don’t have to have it figured out

Either way, I’ll support you.


Your gender is a part of you

It won’t stop me from loving you.

Train Car Full Of Clowns

In the center of the stage

There was a train car

With blue and pink polka dots

And a big, red horn


That people young and old

Always wanted to squeeze

Soft layers of smoke

Drifted along the floor


And everyone sipped their soda

Or munched on cotton candy

As they waited for the first clown

They waited, and waited, and waited


But nothing happened

People wondered if there were any clowns

In the train at all

Or perhaps they’d fallen asleep


When there was the soft, cheerful sound

Of a bicycle bell

It sounded twice, and then one clown

Peaked out from behind the window


“Uh oh ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between

It looks like our first clown is shy

How about making her feel welcome?”

The ringmaster said, stroking his mustache


One person in the crowd started clapping

And then several others followed

Until the sound filled the tent like falling rain

With a few people whistling and cheering


Maybelle the clown peaked her head

Out from behind the train car door

She let her rainbow hair cover half her face

But brushed it aside when everyone continued to clap


Putting one foot in front of the other

She made her way into the spotlight

And as the crowd cheered more and more

She took a bow


She picked up a unicycle

That was lying on the ground

Then rode around the tent

To give people flowers


That had pink and blue polka dots on them

After that, more clowns came out of the train car

Tall ones, short ones, and ones with pink hair

One carried a sandwich as high as the ceiling


And another played the saxophone

Two of them danced with ribbons

And one was just a baby

Who threw candy wrappers into the air


And giggled as they fell around him

More and more clowns came out of the train car

Far more than should have been able to fit

One was a large clown who opened a wooden box


And set a rainbow of butterflies free

As quickly as the clowns began

They made their way back into the train car

One by one


Until the only one left was Maybelle

She stood in the spotlight

With her last pink and blue polka dotted flower

And tossed it into the audience


With her eyes closed

After someone caught it

She took her final bow

And made her way back into the train car.



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A Moment In Time


I remember sitting on the back porch

Scribbling poetry in my notebook

This was before the yard had turned into a jungle

When I still had a small bike with very thick tires


There’s no helmet to protect you from adult problems

No knee pads that can keep you from getting your heart broken

I had no concept of time back then

No concept that all of these things would change


But in that moment, I had everything I had ever known

This house, this family, this life

It’s not just loss that changed things

It was the growing up


I had no concept of time

And no knowledge of who I would become

I still don’t know who I’ll become

But I still have that notebook


It preserves a moment in time for me

A moment where I had everything I could think of having

At a time where I didn’t know that life

Also means letting go.


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sky dreams1

Dreams don’t fall into your lap

They’re too light

Content to float through the sky

Like clouds


College degrees, plans, lists

Hopes, wishes, ideas

None of these things

Will make dreams fall into your lap


You have to start small

Brick by brick

Taking steps

Working your way up


And eventually after building

And climbing and trying

And falling and getting back up again

You’ll get farther than you dreamed


Because you’ll be higher than the clouds

Seeing the bluest sky and the brightest sun

Because all along, you’ve had the ability to climb

And to rise until your dreams were your home.

Here’s To You (a love letter to immigrants)

[The American Dream is an illusion. We cannot pretend the United States was founded on dreams and morality. In fact, it was founded on murder, slavery, and theft of entire regions of land and valuable pieces of Native culture. It was founded on the oppression of people of color, women, and anyone who did not conform to Western Christianity and controlling ideologies.

But if an American dream could exist, if such an idea could rise from the ashes of this country’s monstrous history, it would be in the form of DACA. This country has been a source of oppression for African Americans, Native Americans, the LGBTQ community, and virtually every vulnerable population.

And yet, the United States has also been a source of refuge for a key group of people–Immigrants. This country, in spite of all its brokenness, has been a beacon of hope for people seeking: freedom from religious persecution, access to education, modern healthcare, livable wages, safer neighborhoods, political freedom, and of course, more opportunities for their children.

I cannot think of anything scarier, braver, or more selfless than risking your life and freedom to uproot your family, making sure they have the best opportunities available. The American Dream is bullshit. But Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has been this country’s chance to do something right and to stand for something real. To get rid of it, to stop giving children a chance, would be a real shame.] 


Here’s to you

To the parents who gave up everything they had for their children

To the kids who crossed borders and overcame language barriers

To the students who don’t let discrimination keep them from following their dreams


Here’s to you

To the hardest workers in the country

To the people who will work from sun up to sun down

Knowing it means you can make more money than you ever could back home


Here’s to you

To the entrepreneurs

Who invest every dollar they have

To create their own path


Here’s to you

For overcoming obstacles many people will never understand

And hardships many people will never have to face

You, you, you, you. You make this country great. You make this country special.