(Hold Me) In The Dark

How I crave


How I crave


Hand holding



Love making

Lost in a swirl

Of dreams and philosophy

Tell me your secrets

And I will tell you

What I see

When the evening sky

Is first

Caressed with starlight.

Create a tiny forever with me

With beating hearts

And stories that intersect

I could spend hours

Reading your chapters

But I could also spend hours

In the silence

In the dark

Simply connecting.


Wings Take Time To Heal

I was not depressed
I was heartbroken
And those two things
Are not the same
When depression visits
She is dripping in a weighted night sky
While I take shallow breaths
Glancing around
Looking for stars.
When heartbreak visits
She is a volcano ripped open
A flood of hot red is everywhere
Followed by dull streaks of silver
That ask, “Why…why…why?”