The signs as Disney Princesses

Aries – Moana

Taurus – Belle

Gemini – Repunzel

Cancer – Anna

Leo – Merida

Virgo – Cinderella

Libra – Tinkerbell (she’s a fairy, but we’ll make an exception)

Scorpio – Jasmine

Sagittarius – Pocahontas

Capricorn – Tiana

Aquarius – Ariel

Pisces – Aurora


15 Tools To Help You Meditate


There are many benefits to meditation, and I find those benefits are much more accessible to me when I have some tools to work with. For me, many of those things involve a physical object that I can see and hold in my hands. Here are fifteen tools to help you meditate:

Crystals – Working with crystals makes me meditate almost every day. Most people talk about meditation in terms of a daily practice and long-term benefits, but for me, it’s all about the short term. I do it because it allows me to have peace of mind IN THAT MOMENT. I keep crystals by me when I sleep, and reaching for them to meditate whenever I feel so inclined is a natural extension of working with them.

Prayer Beads – This is a great tool, and you don’t necessarily have to be religious to use them. They can help you to focus, especially if there’s more than one thing you want to meditate on.

Zen Garden – I don’t have one of these personally, but they look like so much fun! It’s basically a mini version of a Japanese rock garden. It includes stones and a little rake so you can make patterns in the sand. One way you may use it is to draw a symbol or word in the sand, and then meditate on that!

Mantras – A mantra can have different meanings. For some, it’s a word or sound to repeat over and over. (“Ommmm” is probably the most common). But to me, it can also mean a word or phrase in your own language. The most effective ones are short and to the point, and it works well when you use it while focusing on your breath. I’ll usually say the mantra in my head each time I exhale.

Wands – These can also be a great tool for meditation and focus. They can be handmade or purchased, and some are decorated with gemstone or engraved with positive affirmations.

Tibetan Singing Bowls – I’ve been wanting one of these things for a long time. They’re so pretty! Also known as standing bells, they come in all shapes and sizes, and are often used in meditation, and religions such as Buddhism and Taoism.

Statues – Especially those associated with religion, can be good visual reminders and points of focus. If they’re small enough, you can also hold them in your hands.

Candles – These can be a great way to spend some time meditating. You can light them and then blow them out when you are done. You can also look at the flame for a visual meditation. If you have scented candles, your focus point can be the sweet smell. [Note: Always practice fire safety]

Tarot or Spirit Cards – These can help you to get into a spiritual mood, and you can use the message of the card to create a mantra. Similarly, you can use a quote from a spiritual text or inspiring book.

Baoding Balls – Also known as Chinese medicine balls, these are small, made of metal, and both can fit in your hand. You rotate two or more in one hand, and they are good for improving motor function or recovering from surgery. They are also great for meditation.

Music and Nature Sounds – Music is good because you can meditate for the length of the song without noticing time is passing by. YouTube has many eight hour videos that feature relaxing music, nature sounds, and ocean waves. There are also guided meditation videos. Audio books may be good as well!

Pillows – It can’t hurt to create a cozy environment.

Tea – Hot tea is a great accompaniment to meditating, and it may put you in the right mood to have a moment of peace.

A Hot Bath – You can always meditate in the bath or shower, and then you’d be accomplishing two things at once. Between the hot water, and anything else you may include like candles, flower petals, and music, it creates the perfect environment. [Again, when it comes to fire, safety first]

Incense – Incense can also be used to help keep you grounded and relieve tension.

Those are some of the tools you can use to help you meditate. Naturally, you don’t need any tools. Just you, yourself, and something to focus on. Like with any spiritual practice, it’s not about hard and fast rules. Do what works for you. ❤


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12 Benefits of Witchcraft


There are many benefits of witchcraft as a spiritual practice. There’s no one way to practice magick, and no two witches are alike. People practice magick from all religions, backgrounds, and for a variety of reasons. That being said, there are several underlying traits that those who practice can benefit from. Here are twelve benefits of witchcraft:

Anyone Can Be A Witch – Witchcraft is often associated with the religion of Wicca, but one doesn’t have to be Wiccan to practice it. People from all religious backgrounds practice magick, and nonreligious people do as well.

There Are No Rules – Sure, there’s spell books, guides, tools, and different things people recommend, but your practice is your own and it can be as complex or as simple as you like.

You Can Do It From Anywhere – A lot of witches have designated sacred spaces and altars to perform magick, but in reality it can be performed anywhere. All you really need is you, your intent, and a space where you can focus.

Time In Nature – One of the biggest benefits of witchcraft is that it gets you to spend more time outside, working with nature, meditating, and developing more respect for your surroundings. It also gives you time to unplug from the internet.

Knowledge – Witchcraft requires a lot of studying, and you never really stop learning. You can learn a lot about herbs and their medicinal benefits, the phases of the moon, astronomy, flowers, trees, animals, crystals, meditation, chakras, natural healing, tea, myths, history, and the magical uses of all these things. You can also learn more about yourself!

Knowing What You Want – Spellwork requires you to be clear about your intent, and this can give you a lot of clarity about what you really want in life. As a result, it can help you to take more steps to work toward those things.

Time To De-Stress – Witchcraft is, at its heart, a nature-based spiritual practice. As children of the Earth, few things can ease our minds more than connecting with nature and the elements. It also helps you to meditate and reflect on a regular basis.

There Are Many Paths – Since there’s no one way to practice magick, you can find the path you resonate with most. You can be a green witch, a sea witch, or a hedge witch. You can practice with a coven or on your own. You can follow spell books or create your own rituals.

Reasons To Celebrate – There are many sacred days that some witches honor, including the summer and winter solstices, the spring and autumn equinoxes, Samhain, Beltane, and others. People celebrate in different ways, but they often include preparing a special feast, rituals, nature walks, meditating, honoring ancestors, bonfires, and gratitude.

Inspiration – A lot of witches share their inspiration, positivity, and light with others, and social media makes it easy to soak up all that wisdom.

It’s Inclusive – One reason I think witchcraft resonates with so many people is that it’s inclusive. It empowers women and doesn’t discriminate against the LGBT community. It gives people space to explore spirituality in a judgement-free environment that also promotes kindness, self-care, balance, and healing.

It Promotes Healthy Habits – Drinking tea, cooking with herbs, spending time outdoors, journaling and reflecting, meditation, getting clear on what you want, connecting with the elements, taking care of the earth, caring for plants, reading books, and expressing your emotions are all things you may do more if you practice witchcraft.

These are a few benefits of witchcraft as a spiritual practice. Above all, I see it as being about connecting with the Earth and taking care of yourself. Thanks for reading. Blessed be! ❤


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5 Ways to Deal With Envy So It Doesn’t Steal Your Happiness

“Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people.” ~Unknown

Throughout this year, I’ve noticed myself feeling envious of other people. Particularly, I would feel envious of the famous people that I would see on television, read about in magazines, and follow on social media.

I wouldn’t even be envious of them for the things one might expect. It wasn’t because they were famous or wealthy. It wasn’t because they had millions of followers on social media. And it wasn’t because they were good looking.

Still, I would find myself feeling envious of an actress if she had a better personality than I did. I would feel bad about myself for not being as outgoing or bubbly or expressive. I would feel like I wasn’t as likeable for being quiet and an introvert.

I would feel envious of another celebrity for her ability to live a fun and impulsive life. I would see the way someone else could take risks and not seem to worry about the future. This made me feel like I was too cautious, and that it would keep me from having an exciting life.

I would feel envious of a musician for the level of success she achieved. This would be especially true if the singer was close to my age. I would feel as though I was wasting my life away, while other people my age already had careers.

Whenever I felt this way, I always wanted to try to understand these feelings. Not only did I want to understand them, I wanted to make them go away.

I didn’t want to feel envious of the people that I looked up to. I wanted to feel happy for them.


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Big Trees, a Bigger Universe, and an Even Bigger God

tree 1

I stood next to a tall tree and looked up to see how it towered over me. For the first time in a long time, I felt truly small. I felt the cool wind blowing and thought about the vastness of the universe. It made me think about how, compared to the rest of the universe, our Earth that seems so big to us is really very small. If one could travel far enough through the stars and galaxies of outer space, the Earth would not even be visible to the naked eye. It would be nothing more than a speck.

If the Earth is small, then that means we are smaller still. This feeling of being small might sound like a bad thing, but I didn’t feel bad at all. I felt at peace. Acknowledging how small I am in this huge, vast universe made me feel like I am truly held in the hands of a God who is far bigger than I am. It reminded me that I am part of a larger universe, a larger story that is interwoven and connected with people and animals and stars and planets and a Creator.

If the universe is that much bigger than me, than I know that God is that much bigger than my problems.

The truth is, feeling big can be exhausting. Sometimes it can feel like there is a lot of pressure to be perfect, to always be chasing after something, and to accomplish a million different things at once. Our world can begin to feel small, and when that happens, life doesn’t feel like a miracle anymore, it only feels like a burden. We will always have responsibilities, but none of those responsibilities will ever be bigger than the universe, and none of them will ever be bigger than God.

I think that our lives matter in the way that stars matter. The universe is so much bigger than us, stretching far and wide in every direction, but we each have the power to shine and to make it all the more beautiful. Astrologists study the stars. They give them names, seeing them all as individual entities. There are countless stars in the sky, but if one of those stars were to go out, it would be deeply missed.

God values us so much more than we value the stars.

There might be times in life when we feel small in a bad way. We might feel helpless and unable to change our circumstances. When that happens, try taking a walk in nature. Stand underneath a tree and see how it towers over you. Remind yourself that this tree is bigger than you. The universe is bigger than your circumstances. And God is bigger than your problems. He can carry you through anything, because even in a universe where we are only a tiny speck, we are a very big deal to God.


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