sky dreams1

Dreams don’t fall into your lap

They’re too light

Content to float through the sky

Like clouds


College degrees, plans, lists

Hopes, wishes, ideas

None of these things

Will make dreams fall into your lap


You have to start small

Brick by brick

Taking steps

Working your way up


And eventually after building

And climbing and trying

And falling and getting back up again

You’ll get farther than you dreamed


Because you’ll be higher than the clouds

Seeing the bluest sky and the brightest sun

Because all along, you’ve had the ability to climb

And to rise until your dreams were your home.


My book of short stories is available on Amazon and Kindle

My book of short stories is available now on Amazon. The genre is magical realism, so each story has just a touch of the impossible ❤



Here’s To You (a love letter to immigrants)

[The American Dream is an illusion. We cannot pretend the United States was founded on dreams and morality. In fact, it was founded on murder, slavery, and theft of entire regions of land and valuable pieces of Native culture. It was founded on the oppression of people of color, women, and anyone who did not conform to Western Christianity and controlling ideologies.

But if an American dream could exist, if such an idea could rise from the ashes of this country’s monstrous history, it would be in the form of DACA. This country has been a source of oppression for African Americans, Native Americans, the LGBTQ community, and virtually every vulnerable population.

And yet, the United States has also been a source of refuge for a key group of people–Immigrants. This country, in spite of all its brokenness, has been a beacon of hope for people seeking: freedom from religious persecution, access to education, modern healthcare, livable wages, safer neighborhoods, political freedom, and of course, more opportunities for their children.

I cannot think of anything scarier, braver, or more selfless than risking your life and freedom to uproot your family, making sure they have the best opportunities available. The American Dream is bullshit. But Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has been this country’s chance to do something right and to stand for something real. To get rid of it, to stop giving children a chance, would be a real shame.] 


Here’s to you

To the parents who gave up everything they had for their children

To the kids who crossed borders and overcame language barriers

To the students who don’t let discrimination keep them from following their dreams


Here’s to you

To the hardest workers in the country

To the people who will work from sun up to sun down

Knowing it means you can make more money than you ever could back home


Here’s to you

To the entrepreneurs

Who invest every dollar they have

To create their own path


Here’s to you

For overcoming obstacles many people will never understand

And hardships many people will never have to face

You, you, you, you. You make this country great. You make this country special.