Growing as a Writer – Believe in Yourself – Vlog

In this video, I talk about my journey as a writer. And how you should always believe in yourself, even when you’re working on a new passion or skill. I’ve been making videos with my phone because unfortunately my web cam isn’t the best quality 😂 One of these days I’ll have a proper video camera 😄


Thanks for watching! ❤ I self published a book of short stories titled Impossible Things. It’s a book of magical realism stories that includes magic, werewolves, and mermaids! There’s also some LGBT and Black girl representation. 🙂

It’s available on Amazon for $20, and it’s available on Kindle and the Kindle App for half price. If you like short stories, check it out here:


My book of short stories is available on Amazon and Kindle

My book of short stories is available now on Amazon. The genre is magical realism, so each story has just a touch of the impossible ❤


Creative Writing Mentorship: my latest small biz


Hello lovely people 🙂 In my umpteenth attempt at starting a new business, I’ve been thinking I would like to start working as a creative writing mentor. What qualifies me to do this you ask? To be honest, not much. Who can ever really feel audacious enough to call themselves a true expert in, well, anything?

BUT, I do have a bachelor’s degree in English, I’ve written articles for various websites and magazines, I’ve self-published five poetry books, I’m almost ready to publish a book of short stories, I have this blog, and I’ve basically been writing since I was in the womb. While I think writing advice should always be taken with a grain of salt, there are always nuggets of wisdom I hold onto from the greats, like JK Rowling, Stephen King, Dorothy Parker, and Maya Angelou.

So, how would this mentoring thing work? Well, you would send me a short story or fiction excerpt (around 500 words or so), or poetry (up to five pages). I’ll read it, and for a fee, I’ll send you detailed feedback about things that are working well in your writing, and areas that could be improved.

I took several writing classes when I was in college, but one of the most transformative things for my work was having a meeting with my professor about a story I wrote. It was after I graduated, and the feedback he gave me continues to improve my writing, almost 2 years later.

People are always asking me for advice in writing, self-publishing, and editing, so I figure this is a way that I could turn that advice into a real business.

If paying for writing advice and having a mentor sounds like your cup of tea, get in touch!

Email me at to let me know if you’re interested, to discuss your project, or to request quote. ❤


Black Hair Magic

[This story is taken from a book I’m self-publishing called ‘Impossible Things.’ The genre is magical realism. Thanks for reading! Full book coming soon. ❤ ]

A short story

By: Ashley Tiara Lilly

Black Hair Magic

It was a hot summer day but the air conditioning was cool. Abigail sat on her bed, flipping through a copy of her favorite magazine while eating from a pack of peach-flavored mints. She was wearing a new pair of denim shorts with her favorite white top that was decorated with lace.

She paused when she saw a picture of her favorite popstar, Daphne Moon, and circled it with a blue pen. Daphne wore red lipstick, a golden, glittery dress, and her smile was bright. What really stood out, though, was her hair, slicked back but still showing off her beautiful curls. Abigail snapped a picture with her smart phone and sent it to her best friend, Jayla, typing,

“Ugh she’s so perfect. Why can’t my hair look like that????”

There was a knock on the door and her mother walked in, carrying a brown box. She shook the box to get her attention, its contents rattling inside. As soon as Abigail heard it, she knew exactly what it was. She hopped out of bed and took the box in her hands, holding it to her chest like a long lost treasure.


Like this story? Read the rest of it here 🙂