I’m selling my short story, Black Hair Magic, as a PDF on Etsy

Hello all 🙂 Like so many creatives out there, I have decided to start an Etsy shop. It’s titled AshleysPoetryShop. For my first listing, I’m selling one of my short stories with cover art as a PDF for $3.

I only have one download listed, so any support on my first listing would be much appreciated. Check out my shop here.

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Etsy BHM 1


Growing as a Writer – Believe in Yourself – Vlog

In this video, I talk about my journey as a writer. And how you should always believe in yourself, even when you’re working on a new passion or skill. I’ve been making videos with my phone because unfortunately my web cam isn’t the best quality 😂 One of these days I’ll have a proper video camera 😄


Thanks for watching! ❤ I self published a book of short stories titled Impossible Things. It’s a book of magical realism stories that includes magic, werewolves, and mermaids! There’s also some LGBT and Black girl representation. 🙂

It’s available on Amazon for $20, and it’s available on Kindle and the Kindle App for half price. If you like short stories, check it out here:


My book of short stories is available on Amazon and Kindle

My book of short stories is available now on Amazon. The genre is magical realism, so each story has just a touch of the impossible ❤



Creative Writing Mentorship: my latest small biz


Hello lovely people 🙂 In my umpteenth attempt at starting a new business, I’ve been thinking I would like to start working as a creative writing mentor. What qualifies me to do this you ask? To be honest, not much. Who can ever really feel audacious enough to call themselves a true expert in, well, anything?

BUT, I do have a bachelor’s degree in English, I’ve written articles for various websites and magazines, I’ve self-published five poetry books, I’m almost ready to publish a book of short stories, I have this blog, and I’ve basically been writing since I was in the womb. While I think writing advice should always be taken with a grain of salt, there are always nuggets of wisdom I hold onto from the greats, like JK Rowling, Stephen King, Dorothy Parker, and Maya Angelou.

So, how would this mentoring thing work? Well, you would send me a short story or fiction excerpt (around 500 words or so), or poetry (up to five pages). I’ll read it, and for a fee, I’ll send you detailed feedback about things that are working well in your writing, and areas that could be improved.

I took several writing classes when I was in college, but one of the most transformative things for my work was having a meeting with my professor about a story I wrote. It was after I graduated, and the feedback he gave me continues to improve my writing, almost 2 years later.

People are always asking me for advice in writing, self-publishing, and editing, so I figure this is a way that I could turn that advice into a real business.

If paying for writing advice and having a mentor sounds like your cup of tea, get in touch!

Email me at AshleyLillyMentor@yahoo.com to let me know if you’re interested, to discuss your project, or to request quote. ❤