Black Hair Magic

[This story is taken from a book I’m self-publishing called ‘Impossible Things.’ The genre is magical realism. Thanks for reading! Full book coming soon. ❤ ]

A short story

By: Ashley Tiara Lilly

Black Hair Magic

It was a hot summer day but the air conditioning was cool. Abigail sat on her bed, flipping through a copy of her favorite magazine while eating from a pack of peach-flavored mints. She was wearing a new pair of denim shorts with her favorite white top that was decorated with lace.

She paused when she saw a picture of her favorite popstar, Daphne Moon, and circled it with a blue pen. Daphne wore red lipstick, a golden, glittery dress, and her smile was bright. What really stood out, though, was her hair, slicked back but still showing off her beautiful curls. Abigail snapped a picture with her smart phone and sent it to her best friend, Jayla, typing,

“Ugh she’s so perfect. Why can’t my hair look like that????”

There was a knock on the door and her mother walked in, carrying a brown box. She shook the box to get her attention, its contents rattling inside. As soon as Abigail heard it, she knew exactly what it was. She hopped out of bed and took the box in her hands, holding it to her chest like a long lost treasure.


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A few of my favorite creative writing and art blogs

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post about online literary magazines. Today I’m gonna talk about creative writing and art blogs! Blogs are a great way to find poems, stories and artwork you’ll love. Here are twelve of my favorites:

StarsRainSunMoon – Also titled “Arrows & Metaphors.” This is one of my favorite blogs that I’ve stumbled upon on WordPress. The author posts lovely poems and photographs.

Very Short Fiction – I didn’t discover this blog until recently, but the title says it all. This blog is stories, stories, and more stories! The author has maintained this site since 2008. Check out his “The Author” page to learn a bit more about him.

‘V’ as in Vixen – Another WordPress blog, this author’s writings are relatable and emotional. You can’t read her work without feeling connected to her experiences.

Beautiful Hello – You guessed it, this blog is from WordPress too 🙂 The author shares her paintings, enjoyable insights, and thoughts on living a creative life.

The Mischief Memoirs  – The author of this site posts thought-provoking poetry and artwork. They also sell their artwork online.

Cameron D Hamilton – This author posts poetry, stories, thoughts, and more. His posts are relatable, honest, and often give insights into his everyday life.

Button Poetry – Button Poetry is a Tumblr blog that posts videos of performance poets.

Mindful Poems – Another Tumblr blog, this site posts beautiful poems that are also aesthetically pleasing.

Queer Poets – A blog with work by and for queer poets.

Erin Anastasia – Blog, vlog, same difference right? This vlogger makes poetry videos that are totally worth checking out.

Little Short Stories – Little stories, cute images, and adorable rhymes. Also powered by Tumblr.

Black Poets – A blog that features Black poets each week.

It’s impossible for me to list all the blogs I’ve liked. I follow so many talented people on WordPress alone. These are just a few that have inspired me. I hope you enjoy them too ❤





The Truth About Modern Racism

Some people believe that racism

No longer exists

Because they themselves don’t practice hate

They have friends who are minorities, and therefore don’t discriminate


They look around at their brothers and sisters

Who share their privilege

And see that they are not racists

So, in their eyes, there is no racism here


And yes, perspectives have changed

As police brutality has been brought to light

As new news to the media, but old news to us

This is the worst, and yet our issues go further


As a person of color

I know that if I had been born a few generations earlier

I would have been a slave

That fact rests in your subconscious from a very early age


I know in the back of my mind

That in the present, the ripples from our history remain

And I know that I am less likely to get the job

And I am less likely get accepted in my school of choice


The same way I know that as a woman

I am less likely to get the higher paycheck

And I am less likely to get the job as a CEO

These facts do not hinder, but still they remain


And because movements for equality

Such as feminism and LGBT Pride

Often leaves people of color off to the side

By failing to give them representation


This is not a placement of blame or an accusation

I just know I’ve read that trans women of color

Suffer too much violence and discrimination

Yet their voices are not heard more often


I can enjoy the most popular movies and YA novels

And be part of a passionate fandom

While knowing the heroes and heroines I admire so much

Will probably not look like me


And it may seem trivial to complain about a movie

But we live in a world of so much diversity

It’s a shame we don’t see more of the diverse beauty

That exists in varying degrees of cultural identity


No person of color is unaware

Of the fact that we don’t have true equality

I am aware that I have been blessed with opportunity

But this is not true for everyone in my community


The truth is, there is a struggle for every minority

We know that we do not yet have true equality

The point is not to draw a line that divides you and me

But for everyone to become aware of this reality


Minorities are not meant to be tolerated

This world is not merely the property of the majority

This world was made for all of us, we all belong here

To live in harmony, to have equality, and to live without fear.






You Deserve Love

You deserve love

Whether your skin is milk white or chocolate brown

Whether your hair is curly or straight

Whether your jeans are extra large or extra small


You deserve respect

Whether you are gay or straight

Whether you are transgender or cisgender

Whether you are a woman or a man


You deserve kindness

Whether you are an atheist or a theist

A Christian or a Muslim

A Buddhist or a Pagan


You deserve a good life

One where you can be yourself

One where you can love and be loved

And find joy in the small things


Yes, it’s true

We have differences, conflicts, and disagreements

But we can’t let those differences

Distract us from our higher purpose


We are here to love others

Not in spite of who they are

But for everything they are

That is the worthy challenge that love presents us with


We all have the same purpose

We are all here to be kind

We all have a gift

That the world needs


Our differences divide us

When instead they should unite us

We can learn from each other

That is the beauty of mankind


So yes, you deserve love

You deserve respect

You deserve kindness

You deserve a good life


I hope you find it

I hope you seek it

I hope you receive it

I hope it makes you feel alive.