Sun Shower

[This poem is taken from my book of nature poems.] 


Rain falls

And the cool drops

Pitter-patter on the sidewalk


Birds find shelter

In tall trees

As a gentle wind rustles the leaves


The sun shower kisses your hands

And your face

And everything smells like spring


Flowers drink up the water

And your worries are washed away

Today is a new day, a fresh start.



The Dark

Don’t keep me in the dark

Tell me your feelings

Paint them onto my wrists

Let me taste the truth on your lips


Don’t leave me in the dark

Stay by my side

In a storm of secrets

In the calm of lying awake, side by side.


I’d grow attached to friends

Like a vine wrapped around a tree branch


When I found a heart beating in sync with mine

A mind racing at the same speed as mine


I didn’t let it go

I gave it water and sunlight and time


Like anything in nature

Even good things fell apart or returned to the earth


But that doesn’t mean they didn’t matter

Some are still standing tall


They say you are the sum

Of the few people you spend the most time with


Investments in other people

Are investments in the self


I surround myself with kindness, cleverness, and humor

Ardor, empathy, ingenuity, and drive


But mostly truth

There are monks and gurus


Who say that we should seek enlightenment

By letting go of attachments


Maybe this is true

Maybe sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference


Between tattoos and scars

I nurture the good connections


And stand before the Sunrise, saying,

“This is who I am. I hope I’ve chosen wisely.”



Sunlight shines on the ocean, making the water glisten as the air smells like salt. Waves meet the shore in a chorus of crashes, and the breeze is gentle against your skin. Time stands still here; there are no worries, no deadlines, and no status quo. Hermit crabs crawl along the hot sand, carrying around their little homes, but only for a while. Eventually they’ll outgrow them and go looking for new shells. The world is always filled with new homes for you to discover. Sometimes it’s another place. Sometimes it’s listening to another’s heartbeat. Somewhere beneath the surface, there’s schools of fish drifting through the currents, staying together as a family. There’s jellyfish, too, lighting up the ocean depths with their neon glow. There’s always beautiful lights to be found in dark places. The sun sets in a display of yellow, orange, and red, making the sky look like a painting. The night sky awakens and the air is cool. But the ocean still glistens in the light of the stars and the milky white moon.