Winter Solstice

winter sun 1

Get lost with me

On the longest night

Of the year

We can go into spiritual hibernation

And reflect on who we are

What we want


I’ll tell you my secrets

And treat your feelings with care

As we welcome the return

Of warmth and light


We can tell the sun

All the things we’re thankful for

I’ll tell Mother Nature

That I’m thankful for you


Stay up with me all night

We’ll gaze at the stars

And I’ll watch your eyes glisten

In the moonlight

Until the sun sweetens the sky with honey


I don’t need a Yule log

Because your smile

Makes everything bright

And your presence

Makes everything right


We’ll get through the winter

We’ll fill it with laughter

And when the snow melts

And the cherry blossoms bloom

We’ll be ready for a new chapter


For now, be here with me

I’ll build you an igloo

Of imagination and hope

The longest night of the year

Is filled with light

As long as we’re together.


I Dream Of A World


I dream of a world

Where girls who love girls

Can hold hands beneath the starlight

And chase their fairytale without fear.


I dream of a world

Where boys who love boys

Can dance on the beach

Feeling as free as the ocean waves.



I hold on

And I wonder if there are any ships

Fast enough

Strong enough

Steady enough

To bring me closer to you


I’ve tried everything I can think of

To navigate these waters

And they’ve surprised me

With the way the waves glisten in the sunlight

The way starfish find their way to the shore

And then back again

You’ve surprised me


I thought I knew your constellation

But it turns out

I’d only wished upon one star

But you are a novel

You are a story that takes time to unfold

And I’m here, I’m listening


Tell me about each of the stars

That make you


I’ve chosen my ship

And I’m holding on

Navigating these waters

Navigating the stars


Knowing that when

I get to you

I’ll have found my way


The Unbelievable Circus Show: a free PDF ebook

Circus dog

I recently wrote a chapbook called The Unbelievable Circus Show. It’s a chapbook of poems that tell stories of magical, mysterious characters. It’s written for young adults and it’s mostly intended to put a smile on your face 🙂

You can find the book on my Free Ebooks page.

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In the meantime, here’s a sample poem from the book:


Circus Peanuts

Get your world famous circus peanuts!

Two bags for a dollar and fifty cents

Come get our world famous circus peanuts!

You’ll love munching on them beneath our tent


Hey you, yes you!

We have other snacks as well

We’ve got buttery, hot pretzels

And ice-cold soda pop we sell


We’ve got gold-wrapped chocolate candy

And bags of caramels and gummy bears

Salty, popped pop corn

So let go of all your cares


Enjoy some fresh potato chips

And cotton candy is a must

Our pumpkin seeds are the very best

From the Peanut Man you trust


There’s water, wine, and beer

And for the kids, there’s juice in boxes

Get your crackers, soup, and hotdogs

And your cookies shaped like foxes


Get your world famous circus peanuts

Two bags for a dollar and fifty cents

Come get our world famous circus peanuts

No one can resist the tasty scents!


Thanks for reading 🙂

Read the rest of the book at my Free Ebooks page.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Cozy Morning


Bonnie sat in her warm, cozy bed. She sipped tea from her favorite mug, watching her girlfriend, Rya, sleep in the sun’s gentle light. Marble, their black and white cat, hopped onto the bed, curled up on a spare pillow and purred in preparation for a mid-morning nap. A vanilla candle burned on the nightstand, filling the room with its sweet scents. The only sounds were birds chirping outside and the occasional soft swoosh of cars going by on the road. Bonnie brushed her ginger hair out of her eyes, and pulled out her journal so she could get some reflections done. Still lost in her dreams, Rya smiled and hugged her pillow. So far, today was a good day.

Your Gender Won’t Stop Me From Loving You

If you’re a woman

Then I stand with you in solidarity

You’re free to embrace your feminine

And masculine energy

You can express yourself how you choose

Only you own your body

No one else can tell you

The kind of woman you should be.


If you’re a man

You can be strong and together

Or you can fall apart in a puddle of tears

There’s feelings that flow through us

For all these years

So of course let them go

Without holding onto social fears.


If you’re nonbinary

I respect you

And I want you to always live your truth

And if you think the world sees you

As a little too much “he”

Or a little too much “she”

Give it time, I know you’ll make them see

Who it is you really want to be.


If you don’t know what your gender is

Or if you’re confused or lost

Or afraid to find the truth

Because you’re worried about the cost

Don’t worry, I’m here

And many others are, too

You don’t have to have it figured out

Either way, I’ll support you.


Your gender is a part of you

It won’t stop me from loving you.