Sweet Flowers

She breathed in the aroma
Of a delicate, pink flower
A scent so sweet
That it made her mouth water
Lying in the soft, silver grass
She traced the swirling, elegant tattoos
That covered Skaii’s hands

A furry, white creature
With colorful wings
Landed on a flower beside them
A smile spread on Ellie’s face
But a short moment later
She furrowed her brows and sighed
“In this place, everything is so beautiful. So peaceful.”
She looked at the tall trees that towered over them, plentiful in silver leaves
Rich in colorful berries and large, orange and red fruits
“I don’t belong here,” she said.

Skaii stroked her hair with a soothing touch, her smile warm.
“Why would you say this?” she asked.
Ellie shrugged, feeling the answer was simple.
“Because I am a human. Humans ruin everything.”

Skaii’s soft hand intertwined with hers
And they watched the flowers sway
In the soft breeze
The peaceful silence shared between them
Made it feel like no worries existed
In the whole universe.


Ellie and Skaii

Ellie looked at Skaii
Who was the most beautiful alien she had ever seen
With flaming blue hair
Soft blue skin
Brown eyes with flecks of gold
And a smile as warm as the sun.
Skaii held out her hand and said,
“Come, let me show you the most beautiful place on my planet:
The Flower Meadow of Dreams.”


She was the flame and I was the moth. Drawn to her ginger hair, delicate frame, soft lips. She had an ocean in her eyes, filled with feelings, filled with thoughts. She didn’t have to speak a word for me to know her mind was a treasure trove. There were stories tattooed on her skin, memories engraved into her laugh lines, and I wanted to read them all. Sometimes, though, all I get is a page. A precious passage that I tuck into my pocket to reread on a rainy day. Memorizing it to remind myself that this poetry is real. I take my next journey, hoping to find a flame that burns as bright as hers. Hoping to find a fire that can stay with me a little longer.

Prayers of a Sea Witch: Change

moon 1

Lovely Moon Spirit

Guide me on this path

As I journey through the seas of change

Growing and evolving

In Your majestic light


Remind me that, like You

I hold beauty in my many forms

Teach me to be wise, powerful, and healing

Like the waters that rise and fall

To the music of Your gentle call.


-A.T. Lilly

moon 3


moon 2

No Failure, Only Lessons. No Flaws, Only Love.

I don’t believe in failure
There are small wins
And there are lessons learned
But all of it is woven together
Into the same story.
There is nothing more stifling
Than perfectionism imposed onto you by others
And there is nothing more unhealthy
Than perfectionism imposed onto you by the Self
Maybe my words won’t always be perfect
And maybe my silences will drive you crazy
And maybe if you took a moment
To stop waiting for the moments to be perfect
You would find the time
To actually enjoy them
There is magnificence in every breath you take
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
When someone tells you, “This is how you are flawed.” Tell them, “Thank you, I know. And I like it.” 🙏💕🌘🦄


-A.T. Lilly