You Deserve

You deserve to pause and feel the rain. You deserve guilt-free cupcakes and moments of laughter. You deserve friends who love you and people who respect you. You deserve peaceful nights and rested mornings. You deserve walks in the park and time to gaze at the stars. You deserve to hear your favorite music and to dance around your room. You deserve to smile. You deserve hugs and hot tea and warm blankets. You deserve kisses. You deserve adventures and new beginnings. You deserve to be happy where you are. You deserve to have your dreams come true.



You don’t need permission to be free

You can move mountains and inspire symphonies

Let go of the things you can’t control

The seeds you plant will blossom in their own time.

You Matter

You belong here. You matter. You have gifts, abilities, and so much potential to share with the world. It can be easy to compare yourself to the person next to you, to feel like you’re somehow falling behind, whether it’s in your career, your relationships, or your experiences. But this journey is yours, this path is yours alone, and no one can live your life or make your choices for you. You have so much more freedom than you realize. Stay strong. Live the life that you want to live. Be yourself fearlessly. Be bold, daring, and loud in whatever your heart’s language is. Maybe it’s through words, maybe it’s through art, maybe it’s through acts of kindness. Be loud. But also listen to the Universe that cares about you, that loves you, that supports you. Have trust. Take chances. This is your one life. Don’t pursue a happiness that only exists in the future. Choose  a path that will bring you happiness, a path that will help you fall in love with the journey. Each and every day fall deeply in love with yourself. You are a miracle. You are once in a lifetime. Live your truth and be free.


Wanderlust. noun. “a strong desire to travel.” I first learned this word when a girl from my arts high school had it tattooed on her foot. I am most consumed with a strong desire to travel. Lately I’ve been thinking about the places I want to go, the place I may want to live. The world is so big and filled with amazing things. I want to see views that make me feel in awe of the world’s wonders. I want to experience places that make me feel alive. Mountains, oceans, and caves, but also cities with new things to explore and discover, and new people to meet.

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit some lovely places, mostly in the U.S. North Carolina, Philadelphia, Orlando, West Virginia, New Jersey, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Barcelona. Living in New York, I’m able to explore the concrete jungle that is Manhattan, and the cultural joy that is Brooklyn. I’ve also enjoyed seeing a bit of the places upstate. I just love how diverse New York is, with everything from exciting city life to vineyards to farmland. It’s fantastic.

Usually when I travel, it’s to visit family, which is good. Family time is wonderful. But I would like to travel more as a tourist. I really want to go to Maine, Vancouver, and California. I’d also like to see Norway, Copenhagen, Switzerland, and Dublin. It’s always nice to discover places you never even knew existed, or to look into planning a trip somewhere and realizing it’s more beautiful than you imagined.

I also want to explore new things closer to home. There’s so many interesting things and places out there. But I’m also content to be where I am. Each day brings its own gifts and possibilities. Sometimes the simple things are all you need.