Putting on a cape

Does not mean you can fly

It is a fashion statement

A well-known symbol of super-heroism


But true power comes from within

The ability to fly comes from your spirit

When you believe in your ability to spread your wings

You let go of your fear, and your life begins.



Big Trees, a Bigger Universe, and an Even Bigger God

tree 1

I stood next to a tall tree and looked up to see how it towered over me. For the first time in a long time, I felt truly small. I felt the cool wind blowing and thought about the vastness of the universe. It made me think about how, compared to the rest of the universe, our Earth that seems so big to us is really very small. If one could travel far enough through the stars and galaxies of outer space, the Earth would not even be visible to the naked eye. It would be nothing more than a speck.

If the Earth is small, then that means we are smaller still. This feeling of being small might sound like a bad thing, but I didn’t feel bad at all. I felt at peace. Acknowledging how small I am in this huge, vast universe made me feel like I am truly held in the hands of a God who is far bigger than I am. It reminded me that I am part of a larger universe, a larger story that is interwoven and connected with people and animals and stars and planets and a Creator.

If the universe is that much bigger than me, than I know that God is that much bigger than my problems.

The truth is, feeling big can be exhausting. Sometimes it can feel like there is a lot of pressure to be perfect, to always be chasing after something, and to accomplish a million different things at once. Our world can begin to feel small, and when that happens, life doesn’t feel like a miracle anymore, it only feels like a burden. We will always have responsibilities, but none of those responsibilities will ever be bigger than the universe, and none of them will ever be bigger than God.

I think that our lives matter in the way that stars matter. The universe is so much bigger than us, stretching far and wide in every direction, but we each have the power to shine and to make it all the more beautiful. Astrologists study the stars. They give them names, seeing them all as individual entities. There are countless stars in the sky, but if one of those stars were to go out, it would be deeply missed.

God values us so much more than we value the stars.

There might be times in life when we feel small in a bad way. We might feel helpless and unable to change our circumstances. When that happens, try taking a walk in nature. Stand underneath a tree and see how it towers over you. Remind yourself that this tree is bigger than you. The universe is bigger than your circumstances. And God is bigger than your problems. He can carry you through anything, because even in a universe where we are only a tiny speck, we are a very big deal to God.


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