Welcome To Dreamland

Count the pretty orbs in your dreams

Toss pennies into a wishing fountain

Swing from vines into cotton candy clouds

Believe in the oddest, most wondrous of things.


Peaceful Landing

Anarose stroked the horns

Of her pet dragon, Shiro

He stretch his wings

And exhaled a lazy puff of smoke


They had traveled a long journey

But before them

Was the tranquil silence of the Sacred Forest.

“And now, our real journey begins,” Anarose said.

Ronan: Ghoul of the Underworld

[Hi 🙂 It’s been a while since I posted anything. I’ve recently started my master’s degree and I’ve been busy busy busy. In an attempt to keep the writing magic alive, here’s a story/poem I’ve had in my head for a few days. Happy October! ❤ ] 

My first impression of Earth
Is that it is too bright
Much more luminous
Than the Underworld

It makes me ache for home
But I have a job to do
My ears twitch at the sound
Of car tires and sirens

But my fingers
Rest upon cool bricks
As I step into the shadows
Of an alley

Where a body lay
Of a man with a dirty jacket
And a beard peppered with gray
His pulse has been silent for hours

I pull a jar from my bag
Its glass as clear as water
Orbs of blue, green, and orange light
Swirling around in a dance

The orbs of light
Are human souls
I pull out my dagger
Inscribed with ancient texts

And I speak one of the chants aloud
In my native, whispery tongue
The dagger glows with black and green energy
And an orange soul emerges from the man’s ear

With my blade,
I guide it to the jar
Capturing the orb.
It panics at first

Zig-zagging around
But with a second chant
The spirit is sedated
And it floats to the bottom

Into a deep sleep.
I check my assignment scroll
And see that this corpse
Is a Category D5

He has no family
No close ties
And no one knows he is here
I whisper a final chant

And the body fades away
Sending him to be buried
With his closest ancestors
Embraced by Mother Earth

My name is Ronan
Ghoul of the Underworld
Daughter of Rylan and River
And I have just captured my first soul.

The Two Princesses Who Fell In Love

[This is from a collection of family-friendly LGBT poems I’d been working on. In honor of pride month, I figured I’d share this one. I think we could use more stories about girls finding their princess charming, don’t you? ❤ 🙂 ]


There once were two princesses

Who fell in love

Princess Mae liked to tame dragons

Who breathed fire in the sky above


Princess Lotus liked to garden

And cared for her flowers all day

I’m guessing that you’re wondering

How she met Princess Mae


One day Lotus was watering Daisies

The sun was hot, but she didn’t tire

But then a dragon swooped from the sky

And started breathing fire!


She had big, scaly wings

And great sharp claws

She didn’t follow any rules

She didn’t follow any laws


Fire drifted toward the ground

But Lotus wasn’t scared

She just wanted her roses

And her buttercups to be spared


The dragon was about to land

On a patch of blue tulips

But Princess Mae said, “Stop right there,”

And put her hands on her hips


She held a silver shield

And a golden lasso

The dragon tried to get away

But she was far too slow


Mae captured the dragon

And gave her a potion to make her sleep

“Don’t worry,” the princess said to Lotus,

“I’ll take her to the mountains, then set her free.”


Lotus gave Mae a great big hug

And thanked her for saving her flowers

The next thing she knew, the sun was setting

And the two had been talking for hours


They talked about dragons and flowers

They talked about parties and tea

They talked about battles and kingdoms

They talked about magic and the sea


Lotus thought Mae was the bravest,

Smartest, most beautiful princess of all

She asked if she would like to have tea

In the morning, just after dawn


Lotus agreed, then used her magic lasso

To take the dragon away

And, as promised, the two of them had tea

The very next day


After tea, Mae showed her the garden

Where they laughed and sang and ran

And that is how the love story

Of Princess Mae and Princess Lotus began.

The Forest Fairy and the Willow Tree

Mae was a forest fairy

Who had glittery wings

And wore a green gown

And was a friend to all the animals


She always had lots of work to do

From helping the flowers to bloom

To helping birds build their nests

To making sure the grass got morning dew


After a long day’s work

She liked to visit her friend

Hector, the wise old Willow Tree

He always told her stories


About kids swimming in the lake

About beavers that would play

And kittens that would fall asleep

Beside him in the grass


They were best friends

And no matter how much time passed

Each day brought more laughter

And more stories to tell.

Magic In The Air

Margaret, the village witch

Stood in a hot air balloon

With her daughter, Sunny.


They were high up in the air

Practically touching the clouds

As they looked down

At the expanse of green, rolling hills

Cozy houses, blue lakes

And vegetable gardens.


The wind was cool

The sun was warm

And the sky was open and free

Sunny reached her hands out

Over the edge of the basket

Imagining that the entire sky

Was theirs.


When the wind carried them

Above the sacred forest

Margaret lowered the balloon

And clapped her hands twice

Casting a spell so that they could hover

Over the tallest and oldest tree.


She reached into her satchel

And took out two potions

In glass bottles

One that smelled like lavender

And another that smelled like cinnamon.


She gave the former to her daughter

So they could pour the potions

Over the oldest tree

At the same time.


“What are the potions for, Mother?”

Sunny asked.

Margaret took out her wand and smiled.

“We’re going to make the sacred forest

Come to life,” she said.


They poured the potions

Over the trees

Casting a spell together.

And after a moment

All the trees in the forest

Started to bloom with colorful flowers

Adding bursts of orange, yellow, and blue

To the lush, green leaves.


When the last flower had bloomed

The hot air balloon drifted in the wind again

And they rose back among the clouds

In the great, big sky

Ready to create more magic

Across the land.