Welcome To Dreamland

Count the pretty orbs in your dreams

Toss pennies into a wishing fountain

Swing from vines into cotton candy clouds

Believe in the oddest, most wondrous of things.


Let Your Song Soar

Let go of the things you cannot control

The world is big

But you are a heartbeat

Your only job is to let your own song soar


Be proud of your own building blocks

Take things one step at a time

Take a breath and be relieved

That all problems are not yours to solve.

Some Endings Are For The Best

There is only so much that I can do

If we don’t flow

Two puzzle pieces can be different

But we cannot force the wrong ones to fit

I hurt you on accident

You hurt me on purpose

Threatening to withhold love

As if it were a reward

For your idea of good behavior

I am not here to be trained.

You said I was lucky

That you were filled with apathy

But let me tell you

I am looking for someone

Who will feel passionately

Who will communicate with empathy

Who will care more about authenticity

Than the need to be right

For the sake of it.

Love should not feel

Like a negotiation

It is a gift

To be given freely

Ideas are not worth more than heartbeats

And you will never make me stay with an ultimatum.


[This poem is taken from my book of nature poems.] 


There’s a cave

Looking out at the ocean

It’s cool and dark

But sunlight pours into its mouth

Like honey.

Waves crash against the rocks

And the air smells like salt

As spiders spin webs

Between rows of stalactites.

There are secrets here

Drawings on walls

Of lovers’ hands

And an abandoned compass

With a broken needle.

And yet the cave feels

Completely unexplored

Like the ocean keeps all the memories

Hidden in its depths

Always making space

For a new heartbeat to come along

Disrupting the silence

Just by listening.

Happy MLK Jr. Day

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day 💗 Always nice to remember leaders in this country who have made a genuine difference in people’s lives. I’ll always admire the way he used peaceful protest to fight for racial equality and social justice. He would be 88 years old today if his life hadn’t been cut short. I’m forever grateful for the legacy he left behind. The time around his birthday became a holiday in the 1980s, but wasn’t observed by all 50 states until the year 2000. I’m glad he remains an important and visible part of our history 💗💗💗💗
“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” -MLK Jr.