The Cutest Hello

Cute nose

Floppy ears

Tiny paws

Button eyes

Fur the color of whipped cream

And a trot filled with joy

What a gift that you took a moment

To say hello to me

Thank you for making

This little world of ours

A better place.


Old Dreams

Dust off your old dreams

Take them for a spin

See if you have anything

In common with them again

Turn to your former self

Say, “It is a pleasure to meet you.

I cannot tell you how much

You will grow

And how much you will get through.”

And maybe you will see

How much you have changed

Maybe you will see

How much you have stayed the same

Maybe you will see the ways

Your dreams have been twisted and rearranged

Dust off the past

Then leave it behind you

Your future is bright.

Where your old and new dreams meet

Where you belong comes alive

And that is what guides you.

Burning Bridges

You turn your back

As if there are no consequences

As if burning bridges

Will get you safely

To your dreams

You have visions

And you step forward, thenĀ  back

Letting go of the things

You were almost able

To touch

Only, it wasn’t the right time

When will it be the right time?

Healing is not linear

And perhaps there will never

Be a day

Where you wake up and say

Everything is fine now

My dreams can be mine now

I hope you learn

To capture the sun

Before you are ready

While it is still too much

To risk being burned

Because there will always

Be a risk

Have some trust

That on the way to the flames

You will be bathed in moonlight

You will be soothed by the milky way

That you will be surrounded

By angels

Sent to you

From the galaxy

So that you can walk away

With a shard of sunlight

That is all your own

With your only scars

From the art of becoming.

Love Story

Everyone deserves a love story

But are any of them ever clean?

They are guaranteed

To take your breath away


They are sure to change you

To challenge you to grow

But if you’re not careful

The wrong one


In the wrong place

At the wrong time

Can ease into your weak points

And destroy you


Sometimes, it feels

Beyond recognition

But even in a good love story

As it grows, rises, and ends


There are remnants of your former self

That crumbled in the process

Of breaking and healing

And shaping new beginnings


Together or apart

There are always new beginnings

And the parts of you that broke away

Are somewhere in the stars


You set out to know someone else

But in the process

A new You emerged

And you have to get to know her, too


Love seems like a thing to have

But it is an entity

That transmutes you

Into the heart creature you were meant to be


And the story

However brief or however long

Lives in your heartbeat

Alters your pathways of reason


You are perhaps wiser

You are perhaps stronger

You are perhaps more You

You are perhaps cleaner


You traced the depths of your emotions

Into your palms

You survived hellos and daydreams and goodbyes

Perhaps one too many goodbyes


And in the end

Invisible ink is tattooed on your skin

The secret moments of your own love story

As you look to the horizon, whispering, “Let me write another.”