(Hold Me) In The Dark

How I crave


How I crave


Hand holding



Love making

Lost in a swirl

Of dreams and philosophy

Tell me your secrets

And I will tell you

What I see

When the evening sky

Is first

Caressed with starlight.

Create a tiny forever with me

With beating hearts

And stories that intersect

I could spend hours

Reading your chapters

But I could also spend hours

In the silence

In the dark

Simply connecting.


Chosen Sun

I am an astronaut

And you are the universe

All of your mysteries

I seek to explore

With delicacy and grace

Patience and diligence

With tragic insatiability

And exquisite beauty

I reach for another star

And get lost again

Opening my heart

To fresh wounds

And new black holes

That collapse into the answers

I have been searching for

I embrace the sea of darkness

For those spectacular glimpses of light

That shine in the midst

Of explosions, births, and endings

Warm embraces, kisses, and new beginnings

Illuminating our woven stories

That drift through a thread of time

I take that thread

And use it

To find my way back to you

Your heartbeat is the sun

That brings me home.


You Make Me Wonder If You Love Me Not

If a person loves you

Or has any interest in loving you

They will make an effort

To see you

To care about your needs

Trusting you’ll help them heal

In return


At least

That is what love looks like

To me


I cannot make any grand statements

And I cannot say the way things should work

For everyone


But I have learned a few too many times

That some people are only there

When they need something from you


And some people are nowhere to be found

When you need them the most


And somehow I keep letting

A certain kind of love

Into my life


I am not saying

That their way is wrong

I am not saying

That these people do not know affection


But I have come to realize

That these kinds of love

Are not the kind

That I need.

Love Story

Everyone deserves a love story

But are any of them ever clean?

They are guaranteed

To take your breath away


They are sure to change you

To challenge you to grow

But if you’re not careful

The wrong one


In the wrong place

At the wrong time

Can ease into your weak points

And destroy you


Sometimes, it feels

Beyond recognition

But even in a good love story

As it grows, rises, and ends


There are remnants of your former self

That crumbled in the process

Of breaking and healing

And shaping new beginnings


Together or apart

There are always new beginnings

And the parts of you that broke away

Are somewhere in the stars


You set out to know someone else

But in the process

A new You emerged

And you have to get to know her, too


Love seems like a thing to have

But it is an entity

That transmutes you

Into the heart creature you were meant to be


And the story

However brief or however long

Lives in your heartbeat

Alters your pathways of reason


You are perhaps wiser

You are perhaps stronger

You are perhaps more You

You are perhaps cleaner


You traced the depths of your emotions

Into your palms

You survived hellos and daydreams and goodbyes

Perhaps one too many goodbyes


And in the end

Invisible ink is tattooed on your skin

The secret moments of your own love story

As you look to the horizon, whispering, “Let me write another.”