Me reading my poetry (part 3)




You Deserve Love

You deserve love

Whether your skin is milk white or chocolate brown

Whether your hair is curly or straight

Whether your jeans are extra large or extra small


You deserve respect

Whether you are gay or straight

Whether you are transgender or cisgender

Whether you are a woman or a man


You deserve kindness

Whether you are an atheist or a theist

A Christian or a Muslim

A Buddhist or a Pagan


You deserve a good life

One where you can be yourself

One where you can love and be loved

And find joy in the small things


Yes, it’s true

We have differences, conflicts, and disagreements

But we can’t let those differences

Distract us from our higher purpose


We are here to love others

Not in spite of who they are

But for everything they are

That is the worthy challenge that love presents us with


We all have the same purpose

We are all here to be kind

We all have a gift

That the world needs


Our differences divide us

When instead they should unite us

We can learn from each other

That is the beauty of mankind


So yes, you deserve love

You deserve respect

You deserve kindness

You deserve a good life


I hope you find it

I hope you seek it

I hope you receive it

I hope it makes you feel alive.