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Love is about more

Than attraction


It’s holding hands

For a moment longer

Before you go down separate aisles

In the grocery store

Planning to meet back

In the bread aisle

That smells like jam and honey


It’s talking about nothing

Until two a.m.

Dissecting hopes, dreams, and fears

Falling into each other

Like a safety net

That doubles as a trampoline

Sending you higher

So you can touch the stars


It’s needing space

While still choosing each other


It’s fighting fair

Never using a touch that hurts

A heart is fragile glass

It’s never using words

That can shatter it


It’s saying thank you

Thank you

Thank you


Love is a story in itself

It makes flowers bloom in the present

Makes the storm more bearable

Crafts a vision for the future

A possibility

You can’t quite touch

But it is beautiful.


New stories are born





A man in a black tie

Sees a woman in an elevator

They both take their lunch break

At the same time each day

Walking to the third floor cafeteria

But they’ve never spoken


She does this thing

Where she flips her bangs out of her eyes

After she’s done typing a text message


And she has a raindrop tattoo on her wrist

He thinks about saying hi

But not yet

Maybe tomorrow.




Emma, a florist, is tying a bouquet

Of roses

When she sees a woman

Trying to decide

Between pink and red carnations


She asks Emma

For her opinion

About the best flowers

To give her mother for her birthday


The woman has brown hair

And freckles

And these green eyes

That light up when she talks about the

Party she has planned.


Her name is Julia

And there’s a rainbow bead

On her silver charm bracelet

That doesn’t have to mean something

But it might just mean something


The florist gives Julia her number

Along with a discount

On her bouquet of tulips


Butterflies flutter through Emma’s stomach

For the rest of the day

Because she’s not usually this daring

Her hands go on arranging flowers

But her mind is in the clouds.




Dylan is sitting

In his anthropology class

His eyes barely staying open

Because he stayed up late

Studying calculous and

Latin American History


He imagines he looks like

Any other college student

Wearing sweatpants he bought

From the campus bookstore

Half swallowed by a gray and blue

Hoodie that is just a bit too big for him.


A half empty cup of coffee

Rests beside his laptop

And everyone in the room

Seems just as exhausted

As he is.


Everyone, that is, except Miles.

No, Miles is giving a presentation

Wearing a crisp, ironed

(What college student irons?)

Button-up flannel

Tucked into dark jeans

With polished shoes


His hair is styled with gel

But just enough so that

It still looks soft to the touch


He actually looks at other students

As he talks

His blue eyes kind and just a little bit shy

Even though he speaks with ease

About marriage rituals

Across different cultures


Only facing away from the class

When he turns to the next slide

In his power point



Takes another sip of his coffee

Which is cold now

He’d been in this class this whole semester

How had he never noticed Miles before?

Like really noticed him?


His voice is soothing

And he seems so nice

And he’s cute

Like, really cute


They were both pretty quiet

He tears a piece of paper

From his notebook

And starts scribbling on it


He didn’t even know if Miles was into guys

And maybe it was the coffee-fueled

Lack of sleep

But he figured it was okay

To take a chance


He looks at the piece of paper

He’d scribbled on

As Miles finishes up his talk

On it, it reads:

“Want to grab lunch with me?”




New stories are born every day

Love stories are born every day

But it’s about a lot more than attraction

These stories of attraction?

They’re not about love.

Not really.


But they could be.



Winter Solstice

winter sun 1

Get lost with me

On the longest night

Of the year

We can go into spiritual hibernation

And reflect on who we are

What we want


I’ll tell you my secrets

And treat your feelings with care

As we welcome the return

Of warmth and light


We can tell the sun

All the things we’re thankful for

I’ll tell Mother Nature

That I’m thankful for you


Stay up with me all night

We’ll gaze at the stars

And I’ll watch your eyes glisten

In the moonlight

Until the sun sweetens the sky with honey


I don’t need a Yule log

Because your smile

Makes everything bright

And your presence

Makes everything right


We’ll get through the winter

We’ll fill it with laughter

And when the snow melts

And the cherry blossoms bloom

We’ll be ready for a new chapter


For now, be here with me

I’ll build you an igloo

Of imagination and hope

The longest night of the year

Is filled with light

As long as we’re together.

Happy MLK Jr. Day

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day 💗 Always nice to remember leaders in this country who have made a genuine difference in people’s lives. I’ll always admire the way he used peaceful protest to fight for racial equality and social justice. He would be 88 years old today if his life hadn’t been cut short. I’m forever grateful for the legacy he left behind. The time around his birthday became a holiday in the 1980s, but wasn’t observed by all 50 states until the year 2000. I’m glad he remains an important and visible part of our history 💗💗💗💗
“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” -MLK Jr.




I hold on

And I wonder if there are any ships

Fast enough

Strong enough

Steady enough

To bring me closer to you


I’ve tried everything I can think of

To navigate these waters

And they’ve surprised me

With the way the waves glisten in the sunlight

The way starfish find their way to the shore

And then back again

You’ve surprised me


I thought I knew your constellation

But it turns out

I’d only wished upon one star

But you are a novel

You are a story that takes time to unfold

And I’m here, I’m listening


Tell me about each of the stars

That make you


I’ve chosen my ship

And I’m holding on

Navigating these waters

Navigating the stars


Knowing that when

I get to you

I’ll have found my way


Cozy Morning


Bonnie sat in her warm, cozy bed. She sipped tea from her favorite mug, watching her girlfriend, Rya, sleep in the sun’s gentle light. Marble, their black and white cat, hopped onto the bed, curled up on a spare pillow and purred in preparation for a mid-morning nap. A vanilla candle burned on the nightstand, filling the room with its sweet scents. The only sounds were birds chirping outside and the occasional soft swoosh of cars going by on the road. Bonnie brushed her ginger hair out of her eyes, and pulled out her journal so she could get some reflections done. Still lost in her dreams, Rya smiled and hugged her pillow. So far, today was a good day.