The Forest Fairy and the Willow Tree

Mae was a forest fairy

Who had glittery wings

And wore a green gown

And was a friend to all the animals


She always had lots of work to do

From helping the flowers to bloom

To helping birds build their nests

To making sure the grass got morning dew


After a long day’s work

She liked to visit her friend

Hector, the wise old Willow Tree

He always told her stories


About kids swimming in the lake

About beavers that would play

And kittens that would fall asleep

Beside him in the grass


They were best friends

And no matter how much time passed

Each day brought more laughter

And more stories to tell.


Magic In The Air

Margaret, the village witch

Stood in a hot air balloon

With her daughter, Sunny.


They were high up in the air

Practically touching the clouds

As they looked down

At the expanse of green, rolling hills

Cozy houses, blue lakes

And vegetable gardens.


The wind was cool

The sun was warm

And the sky was open and free

Sunny reached her hands out

Over the edge of the basket

Imagining that the entire sky

Was theirs.


When the wind carried them

Above the sacred forest

Margaret lowered the balloon

And clapped her hands twice

Casting a spell so that they could hover

Over the tallest and oldest tree.


She reached into her satchel

And took out two potions

In glass bottles

One that smelled like lavender

And another that smelled like cinnamon.


She gave the former to her daughter

So they could pour the potions

Over the oldest tree

At the same time.


“What are the potions for, Mother?”

Sunny asked.

Margaret took out her wand and smiled.

“We’re going to make the sacred forest

Come to life,” she said.


They poured the potions

Over the trees

Casting a spell together.

And after a moment

All the trees in the forest

Started to bloom with colorful flowers

Adding bursts of orange, yellow, and blue

To the lush, green leaves.


When the last flower had bloomed

The hot air balloon drifted in the wind again

And they rose back among the clouds

In the great, big sky

Ready to create more magic

Across the land.

Train Car Full Of Clowns

In the center of the stage

There was a train car

With blue and pink polka dots

And a big, red horn


That people young and old

Always wanted to squeeze

Soft layers of smoke

Drifted along the floor


And everyone sipped their soda

Or munched on cotton candy

As they waited for the first clown

They waited, and waited, and waited


But nothing happened

People wondered if there were any clowns

In the train at all

Or perhaps they’d fallen asleep


When there was the soft, cheerful sound

Of a bicycle bell

It sounded twice, and then one clown

Peaked out from behind the window


“Uh oh ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between

It looks like our first clown is shy

How about making her feel welcome?”

The ringmaster said, stroking his mustache


One person in the crowd started clapping

And then several others followed

Until the sound filled the tent like falling rain

With a few people whistling and cheering


Maybelle the clown peaked her head

Out from behind the train car door

She let her rainbow hair cover half her face

But brushed it aside when everyone continued to clap


Putting one foot in front of the other

She made her way into the spotlight

And as the crowd cheered more and more

She took a bow


She picked up a unicycle

That was lying on the ground

Then rode around the tent

To give people flowers


That had pink and blue polka dots on them

After that, more clowns came out of the train car

Tall ones, short ones, and ones with pink hair

One carried a sandwich as high as the ceiling


And another played the saxophone

Two of them danced with ribbons

And one was just a baby

Who threw candy wrappers into the air


And giggled as they fell around him

More and more clowns came out of the train car

Far more than should have been able to fit

One was a large clown who opened a wooden box


And set a rainbow of butterflies free

As quickly as the clowns began

They made their way back into the train car

One by one


Until the only one left was Maybelle

She stood in the spotlight

With her last pink and blue polka dotted flower

And tossed it into the audience


With her eyes closed

After someone caught it

She took her final bow

And made her way back into the train car.



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