A Moment In Time


I remember sitting on the back porch

Scribbling poetry in my notebook

This was before the yard had turned into a jungle

When I still had a small bike with very thick tires


There’s no helmet to protect you from adult problems

No knee pads that can keep you from getting your heart broken

I had no concept of time back then

No concept that all of these things would change


But in that moment, I had everything I had ever known

This house, this family, this life

It’s not just loss that changed things

It was the growing up


I had no concept of time

And no knowledge of who I would become

I still don’t know who I’ll become

But I still have that notebook


It preserves a moment in time for me

A moment where I had everything I could think of having

At a time where I didn’t know that life

Also means letting go.


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sky dreams1

Dreams don’t fall into your lap

They’re too light

Content to float through the sky

Like clouds


College degrees, plans, lists

Hopes, wishes, ideas

None of these things

Will make dreams fall into your lap


You have to start small

Brick by brick

Taking steps

Working your way up


And eventually after building

And climbing and trying

And falling and getting back up again

You’ll get farther than you dreamed


Because you’ll be higher than the clouds

Seeing the bluest sky and the brightest sun

Because all along, you’ve had the ability to climb

And to rise until your dreams were your home.

Keep Your Peace


Keep your peace

Even when lightning strikes

When they try to set your dreams on fire

When every door seems to close


Keep your peace

When you’re not sure what the future holds

When you’re all alone to brave the cold

When you can’t see past the horizon


Keep your peace

It’s your greatest treasure

Hidden deep within you, where no one can reach you

It’s your weapon, it’s your pillow.

On Surfing


It’s relaxing to watch people surf. And it’s interesting because it’s not like other sports. There’s no constant action, often no rules, and in many cases, no competition. They spend a lot of time sitting in the water, still, waiting for the next good wave to come. Life can be like that, too. You can’t control when the next good wave will come. But when it does, the ride is free.