(Hold Me) In The Dark

How I crave


How I crave


Hand holding



Love making

Lost in a swirl

Of dreams and philosophy

Tell me your secrets

And I will tell you

What I see

When the evening sky

Is first

Caressed with starlight.

Create a tiny forever with me

With beating hearts

And stories that intersect

I could spend hours

Reading your chapters

But I could also spend hours

In the silence

In the dark

Simply connecting.


Crescent Moon

The crescent moon shines in the night sky. Its light pools in through my window, spilling onto my pillows and lulling me into peaceful dreams. When I wake again, my hands that held the light are empty, and there’s nothing but darkness. While I traveled through my dreams of childhood rooms and present day faces, the moon traveled across the sky. Now its light spills in through a different window, shining on my feet. And I don’t have to be more than half-awake to know that the moon will change. Its position, its shape, its luster will move from one stage to the next. And I might have a favorite phase, but all of them are good. Life can be that way, too. Things change, but that’s not always a bad thing. I follow the light wherever it goes, and I keep dreaming. And each time I find it, I savor the crescent moon.


The Comfort Of The Night

I don’t always love the sunshine

It’s bright and cheery and reminds

Me of everything I am not. I am sad,

Lost, and closed off. Doors keep closing


In my face and I’d just as well exist

Nowhere. The night wraps me up like

A blanket. It soothes me with starlight

Lullabies. The sun rises and my comfort fades.