My book of short stories is available on Amazon and Kindle

My book of short stories is available now on Amazon. The genre is magical realism, so each story has just a touch of the impossible ❤



Listen to me reading my poem, “Doors”

From my new book, Wanderer.



There’s so many windows
And so many doors
That will lead you anywhere and everywhere
All you have to do is move

Don’t stay stuck in the hallway
Don’t go looking for the key
To a door that’s been locked
This hope only brings misery

And don’t think your path
Has to look like another’s
Just keep the right doors open
Just keep moving forward

And one day you’ll find yourself
In a place you’ve never been
And you’ll find it’s so lovely
You’ll never look back again.






I met a man who had

No roof over his head

He didn’t have extra clothes

Or a lot of money in his pocket

He didn’t have perfect health

And maybe he didn’t always have

Enough to eat. But I’ll tell you what he

Did have. He had friends and people

Who trusted him and cared about him

He had a desire to inspire and uplift

Others, even if they were better off

Than him. He had hope that things

Would get better for him. And was open

To talking to others, even when he had

To be so cautious while living on the

Streets. He wasn’t a homeless person

He was a person who happened to be

Homeless. He had a name and I wish I

Could remember it. I don’t know where

He is now. But I’d like to think he’s okay

That he’s managed to get a job, and has

A place to live where he can be warm

And eat dinner while watching TV

And can hang out with his friends

Talking about sports or movies. And

Can afford good doctors and extra

Clothes and a toothbrush. I hope he

Has a roof over his head, and that he

Continues to inspire others. And

Continues to be open to meeting new

People, even in this world where you

Have to be so aware and so cautious

I hope that he is better off.