Abstract Art

The great thing about abstract art is that there are no rules. It’s just shapes, colors, lines, and feelings. It can be therapeutic to create something when you don’t know what the end result will be. It can also be a healthy way to explore your emotions while keeping the process personal to you. It can be a good visual reminder that you don’t always need a plan. You just need to work with what you have, building on the foundation you already laid, while taking one step and then another. Your art, like your life, doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s, and it doesn’t need to make sense to everyone. It just needs to make sense to you, being authentic to who you are.

Abstract Art


My book of short stories is available on Amazon and Kindle

My book of short stories is available now on Amazon. The genre is magical realism, so each story has just a touch of the impossible ❤



Listen to me reading my poem, “Doors”

From my new book, Wanderer.



There’s so many windows
And so many doors
That will lead you anywhere and everywhere
All you have to do is move

Don’t stay stuck in the hallway
Don’t go looking for the key
To a door that’s been locked
This hope only brings misery

And don’t think your path
Has to look like another’s
Just keep the right doors open
Just keep moving forward

And one day you’ll find yourself
In a place you’ve never been
And you’ll find it’s so lovely
You’ll never look back again.