(Hold Me) In The Dark

How I crave


How I crave


Hand holding



Love making

Lost in a swirl

Of dreams and philosophy

Tell me your secrets

And I will tell you

What I see

When the evening sky

Is first

Caressed with starlight.

Create a tiny forever with me

With beating hearts

And stories that intersect

I could spend hours

Reading your chapters

But I could also spend hours

In the silence

In the dark

Simply connecting.


Wings Take Time To Heal

I was not depressed
I was heartbroken
And those two things
Are not the same
When depression visits
She is dripping in a weighted night sky
While I take shallow breaths
Glancing around
Looking for stars.
When heartbreak visits
She is a volcano ripped open
A flood of hot red is everywhere
Followed by dull streaks of silver
That ask, “Why…why…why?”

Flowers in Her Hair

My response to being in a blah mood is usually to make pretty things that express the opposite mood.
The good thing about working with kids is that it reminds me to keep making time for the artsy, silly stuff. They’re not worried about their lives a year from now, if anything they are hyper focused on the present which has its own pros and cons.
As a grad student I have good days and days where I don’t feel great or certain of anything. But acknowledging that I will have both kinds of days can be helpful.