Back In Your Head by Tegan and Sara: guitar riff


On meditation articles

People who talk about meditation tend to have an all or nothing mentality. If you don’t do it, the reaction is that you “don’t like sitting still” or that you haven’t given it enough of a chance. It feels similar to someone trying to convert you to their religion.

I meditate sometimes, and I went through a period where I did it each day. It’s not something I really like doing, though. But not for the reasons most people say they don’t do it. I enjoy sitting still, in the silence, and that’s something I do a lot. I have no problem with being still or having moments of peace. I do quite often because that’s just my personality.

But sitting with my eyes closed and focusing on my breathing isn’t something I enjoy. I have asthma, so focusing on my breath doesn’t always make me feel relaxed. I know there’s medical benefits to the practice. But I prefer to listen to music, paint, dance, and enjoy nature. All of those things are therapeutic and I think help me a lot.

Maybe other people don’t mind it, but I get kind of annoyed when I see articles that try to make you feel guilty for not meditating as a daily practice. (There’s also more than one way to meditate, but most articles are referring to mindfulness meditation). There’s always more than one way to do things. And there’s more than one path to being healthy and taking care of yourself.