Breathe In

Breathe in

Breathe out

Breathe in

Breathe out

I always think

I need a big goal

A mountain to climb

To take me

Where I’m meant to be

But then

I take a few deep breaths

I look up at the tall trees

Slender branches swaying in the wind

And all at once

The present moment

Is the only destiny

I’ve ever needed.


Blackpink’s ‘The Show’: Thoughts on the Virtual Concert Experience

A few weeks ago, I watched Blackpink’s virtual concert experience, The Show. During this pandemic, concerts are one thing many people are missing. Livestream and virtual concerts may become more common as the music industry adapts in these uncertain times. But you may be wondering, is a virtual concert really worth the money? I’m here to help you answer that question. Below are some pros and cons from The Show, and tips for enjoying similar online events.


BLACKPINK has created a trustworthy brand: One of the reasons I chose to buy a ticket for The Show is that I trusted Blackpink as a brand. I felt confident that they would put on a fun performance with great singing, dancing, costumes, sets, pyrotechnics, lighting, etc. They lived up to this expectation and I genuinely enjoyed the show from start to finish.

Access to Rebroadcasts: The Show was performed via livestream. Rebroadcasts of The Show were streamed the following weekend at four different times, and again the weekend after that. This allowed them to accommodate different time zones, so that people could choose a time to watch that worked for them. This also allowed me to watch The Show two times!

Feeling connected to other fans: Even though I couldn’t be in the same room as other fans, there is still something cool about knowing other people are watching a concert at the same time as you.

Seeing an artist/group you’ve never seen before: I had never seen Blackpink perform live before, so it is kind of cool that I got to see their concert, even if it was virtual. They put so much work into the performance and it felt nice to support them and their team.


Rebroadcasts were confusing at first: When I purchased my ticket via YouTube, the show info said that I would have access to my subscription for two months, and that I would have access to rebroadcasts of the concert. When I bought it, I took that to mean I would be able to watch the concert any time I wanted within those two months. But this wasn’t the case. The rebroadcasts were only available at certain times. This wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t clear upon purchase.

Busy chatroom: One perk of buying a ticket for The Show included using fun BLACKPINK emojis in the side chat window. This was a really cute idea. However, there were sooo many people posting in the chat, that it moved too fast to read any comments. It was nice to see that so many people were excited about the performance, it was just a little bit chaotic. A regular comments section might have been nicer.

Time zones: The actual livestream of The Show streamed at midnight in my time zone. Only I made a mistake and got the time right, but the day wrong! (Which was fine, thanks to the rebroadcasts). I chose to watch a rebroadcast that streamed at 1pm the following weekend. This was a much better time for me to enjoy the concert, and the weekend after that I watched it again at the same time. But basically, double check the time zones. You don’t want to miss a livestream just because you got the date or time mixed up!


Know the artist: If you’re going to pay for a livestream concert, figure out if the artist is worth it to you. I would gladly pay money to watch a virtual kpop concert again because the choreography and groups I love are more than worth supporting. Outside of kpop, it’s hard to know how many music artists I would pay to watch online. I think quality is key! That, or it has to be an artist I feel a personal connection to.

Follow the artists’ social media posts: If there is an upcoming virtual show, chances are the artist(s) will be posting things in anticipation. Enjoy the posts and comments from fans, and get excited with them!

Have snacks at the ready: Enjoy your favorite snacks, candies, wine, or whatever else you love to make the experience more fun.

Be in the moment: We all have stresses in our lives. Watching a show, even a virtual one, can be a nice chance to forget your worries for a while.

Those are my thoughts on Blackpink’s ‘The Show.” As I mentioned, I would definitely pay for another virtual concert, especially for other kpop artists. I give Blackpink’s ‘The Show’ a 10/10!

Swimming In The Clouds

In my daydreams

We’re swimming in the clouds

There are flecks of moonlight

In your eyes

Your hands are painted golden

My body, twisting through sky stuff

Wants to be painted golden, too

Your lips don’t say my name

They dance around the idea of me

Your name

Is tucked into my pocket like a secret

One I only dare to whisper

When I’m alone

In quiet spaces

With two feet on the ground

Catching light beams on my tongue

From Mother Moon

🌙 💙

It’s World Mental Health Day

💗 It’s World Mental Health Day 💗 There are a lot of reasons and experiences that may lead a person to seek mental health care. Whatever the issue, there is ALWAYS someone out there who wants to support you. The truth is we can all benefit from taking care of our mental health in our own ways, whether that is through eating a well rounded diet, getting exercise and movement, going to bed at a good time, meditation and mindfulness, building healthy relationships, setting boundaries, positive affirmations, spending time in nature, creative hobbies, or other good habits. For some people, seeing a therapist and/or taking medications becomes a part of that routine. There is always someone out there who understands what you are feeling, and there is always room for things to get better 💗💗💗💗💗💗