Sweet Flowers

She breathed in the aroma
Of a delicate, pink flower
A scent so sweet
That it made her mouth water
Lying in the soft, silver grass
She traced the swirling, elegant tattoos
That covered Skaii’s hands

A furry, white creature
With colorful wings
Landed on a flower beside them
A smile spread on Ellie’s face
But a short moment later
She furrowed her brows and sighed
“In this place, everything is so beautiful. So peaceful.”
She looked at the tall trees that towered over them, plentiful in silver leaves
Rich in colorful berries and large, orange and red fruits
“I don’t belong here,” she said.

Skaii stroked her hair with a soothing touch, her smile warm.
“Why would you say this?” she asked.
Ellie shrugged, feeling the answer was simple.
“Because I am a human. Humans ruin everything.”

Skaii’s soft hand intertwined with hers
And they watched the flowers sway
In the soft breeze
The peaceful silence shared between them
Made it feel like no worries existed
In the whole universe.


Ellie and Skaii

Ellie looked at Skaii
Who was the most beautiful alien she had ever seen
With flaming blue hair
Soft blue skin
Brown eyes with flecks of gold
And a smile as warm as the sun.
Skaii held out her hand and said,
“Come, let me show you the most beautiful place on my planet:
The Flower Meadow of Dreams.”


The Fairy Queen filled the cave with starlight. Sleeping dragons awakened and stretched their wings, exhaling puffs of smoke, stamping soot into the ground with their talons. Outside raindrops fell, ocean waves crashed, lightning sizzled along the horizon. “Awaken and rise, dear ancient friends, it is time for you to emerge,” the Queen said. “It is time for you to help rebuild the kingdom.” She hovered to where the eldest dragon still slept, her wings glowing, her silver wand drawn, leaving a trail of magic dust behind her. With a wave and a twirl, a soft light rested over the dragon’s eyes, beckoning them to open after a decade’s long sleep.


Life is like climbing a mountain, you take it moment by moment, one step at a time. And you might pause to admire flowers and baby birds along your trail. And you might have hard moments where you struggle to hold on. And you might have moments of bliss where you realize how far you’ve come. And hopefully along the way, you have someone climbing with you. Then you reach the top and drink in an amazing view, the light of gratitude radiates from you. You have climbed this mountain, and you are ready to conquer the next one.

Cloudy Visions

There was no point in running miles, my heart was running wild. You were a flicker of light but I was already turned to ice. And I thought I needed fire but it turns out I like the shadows better. You whisper sweet nothings with that look in your eyes, that curve in your ruby lips. I blow the daydreams away like puffs of smoke. Turns out the moon has the right idea. I disappear while you’ve still constructed me out of a dream.